A Surprisingly Good and Unique Time Travel Story

The ideas you mention is certainly intriguing: a guy who gives himself everything and then things go wrong. I have to say, though, as a reader I prefer to either like my protagonists or at least be in awe of them if they’re anti-heroes, so annoying brainless teens isn’t usually my cup of tea.

And perhaps making the ending of book 1 a cliffhanger isn’t the best idea. Making a living is certainly something all writers aspire towards, but the end of a book is meant to be the end of a book, regardless of its place in a series. If you end on a cliffhanger it’s just you telling the reader they’ve been fooled into buying an incomplete book, and I find that…immoral o.O

Having said that, though, a few of my favourite contemporary YA fictions did that and I’ve been suckered into getting the subsequent books. I still don’t condone doing it, though!


coverIt’s just possible that this has become my favorite time travel tale.  I’m a fan of the genre, but this one has some unique qualities that puts it in a league all its own.

For starters, the A and B stories have been reversed, which is something typically seen only in romance novels where the relationship is the point, and everything else is background noise.  Here, you could say the relationship is the point, only it’s not a love story in the conventional sense either.  This is about a teen, separated from his birth parents from a very young age, subsequently abused, and so has never known what it’s like to be surrounded by a loving family.  When he gets a chance to do the family drama thing right, he snatches it up, and he gives himself the life he always wanted.  Not only does he surround himself with loving…

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