Meet My Villain Blog Hop (The Windcaster)

So I’m entering this contest by esteemed Wattpadder and blogger Erin Latimer where I answer a few questions about one of my villains. I decided on King Asag from The Windcaster, so *cue SPOILERS* below.

At the end of this post, I’ll tag a few friend-bloggers of mine to continue this hop. I hope they’ll also enter Erin’s contest for a chance of a critique.

So here it is: King Asag of Mawlin.
Asag of Mawlin

King Asag of Mawlin was the fifth son of King Ningirsu. Born to strict values and brutal punishment, Asag grew up expecting the best of everyone and could not abide failure. His terrifying father taught him the lesson for life: when the country’s fate rests upon your shoulders, there is no room for mistakes; that, and a feared man is a powerful man. A slip-up of his stiff upper lip with a young village girl at sixteen resulted in her blackmailing him, and so he put her to death. This convinced Asag people would stab anyone in the back if left to run riot. When his father became ill, he fought his four brothers for the throne, killing two and exiling two. Subsequently he ruled Mawlin with an iron fist, watchful of neighbouring country Dernexes with its bountiful resources and Wind magic – and its ridiculously vulnerable and useless ruler.

1) What is the name of your villain?
King Asag I of Mawlin.

2) What motivates him/her?
Glory and power for him and the country of Mawlin.

3) What is the villain’s relationship with the main character?
He is intent on procuring the Book of Wind from Tiamat, with which she has fled and without which he cannot gain hold of Wind magic. Her persistent escapade from his men has been a source of irritation for him.

4) What is one thing your villain is afraid of? What is their weakness?
Failure. And dirty things. Asag’s weakness lies in his strength: he controls his men by fear. When he loses his strength, he is abandoned by his troops.

5) What is their greatest strength?
He has the ability to strike fear in people’s hearts and makes cutting decisions without need for much thought.

6) Does your villain have any romantic entanglements?
Although he has a queen, he has little regard for her as he views her as nothing more than a vessel to continue his bloodline. He once had a tryst as a teenager with a village girl who he later executed for treason when she tried to blackmail him for money. He has never viewed women with respect since.

7) List one random fact about your villain.
Asag has a soft spot for music. He always had a passion for instruments and singing growing up, to the point where he sang instead of spoke most of the time and carried his fiddle everywhere. Once he ascended to the throne, it was suggested it was not so appropriate for a king to sing instead of speak and has since adopted a sing-song lilt to his words instead. The man who suggested the inappropriateness has since been disposed of.

Next on the hop: JESPAH

Thanks for reading! And now I tag my beloved puppy friend Jespah to continue the hop. Jespah writes Star Trek fanfiction and blogs about Star Trek fanfic characters, too. Plus, she also writes original fiction on the side and is one of my close Wattpad friends. My favourite of hers is her adventures as a real life Boston Terrier — one-legged piddling included.


(image by Wupar on Deviantart)

Chem is a fantasy writer and blogger who is also on Wattpad. She writes about magical abilities, angels and demons, and poetry. A very talented young writer.

Check out their posts. Are you interested in joining this blog hop? Write a post about your villain and post your link below and I’ll go check it out!

Coming next week is another bonus chapter about Enlil from The Windcaster about his initiation into slavery.


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  1. Kyra Nelson says:

    Love the random fact! So interesting to see different sides of our bad guys 🙂


    1. Thank you! It was certainly fun delving into the past of our villains for bits that weren’t plot-significant. They’re still human, after all 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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