Meet My Character Blog Hop

This is another blog hop I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As part of the “meet my characters” series of blog posts I’m doing for the next few weeks, here I’m introducing the main character to my novel “The Windcaster”, Tiamat, the Windcaster-in-training. At the end, I’ll be tagging a friend to continue the hopping.



1) What is the name of your character?

2) Is he/she fictional or a historic person?
Fictional, the main character of The Windcaster.

3) When and where is the story set?
The story is set in the fictional country of Dernexes in the year 2100 V.F.

4) What should we know about him/her?
Tiamat is a 13-year-old spirited girl who is exceptionally gifted with casting Wind magic. Adopted by Master Anu when she was three years old, she has been raised as a Windcaster trainee all her life. Often isolated in her home when Master Anu leaves for duties, she is a lonely but optimistic girl, intent on living life to the full and dislikes rule reinforcement and duties.

5) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?
The problem is Dernexes is bordering on war with the neighbouring country, Gwent. Led by a king who blackmails and cares little for the Windcasters, she becomes increasingly discontent with the state of affairs. When the king’s advisor Apsu betrays Dernexes by leading the Mawlinese into the Palace of the King’s, Tia is forced to take the Book of the Wind from Master Anu, who sacrificed himself to ensure her escape.

6) What is the personal goal of the character?
To become the best Windcaster there is. After the death of her Master, she vowed to make him proud and continue the legacy of the Casters, and liberate Dernexes from the hold of the Mawlinese.

7) Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?
The book is called “The Windcaster”. Aside from the full novel on Wattpad, each week I’ll be introducing a character from either this novel or my other fantasy novel, “Rise of the Vengeful Dragon”. At the time of this post, I have also introduced the key villain of the book in a previous blog post.

8) When can we expect the book to be published or when was it published?
The Windcaster is free to read in its entirety on Wattpad as a first draft.

Tia Banner

9) Five facts about the character:
– Tia doesn’t remember how she came to be apprentice under Master Anu; after all, she was only three years old when it happened. Tia came from a village midway between Westersands and Mooncliffe. Born to a drug-addicted single mother, Tia kept herself occupied with other children in the streets, making leaves as entertainment. Master Anu passed by, sensing the Wind within this very young but talented child, and ‘paid’ her mother for her child. Her mother couldn’t get rid of her fast enough.
– Tia is a big fan of food. She loves every type of meat and vegetable and fruit, but she has almost zero tolerance for spice.
– One of Tia’s most memorable pranks was featured during the chapter “Gone with the Wind” where she upended a bucket of water on Mommu – or at least, it was meant to be on Mommu. Instead, it was Master Anu who went by and got soaked to the skin.
– Tia’s greatest achievement to date is taming Enusat, her carrier. As a calf, the carrier was rebellious and temperamental. Tia spent fourteen days and nights with little rest or regard for her physical condition. Initially wary and violent with the little girl, the carrier grew to be less suspicious of her over time and has since become her favourite creature.
-If Tia could have it, she would have a large mansion where all the homeless people and sad children lived, where they would play every day (except perhaps for a day or two of school) and there would be nobody saying mean things or being violent. Food would be abundant and laughter everywhere.

Tagging time! TIARA HARVEY (Chemical_Insanity)

(image by Wupar on Deviantart)

Check out Chem’s blog and Wattpad account. If you’re looking for a good fantasy read, I recommend her “The Last Nephilim”: angels and demons at war, one lone Nephilim saving the world..


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  1. Tiara Harvey says:

    I love that you’re insistent on using That picture for me >.<

    Anyway yay! I love Tia ^_^ and this makes me love her even more


    1. That’s your icon forever, now :p and thank you 🙂 glad you liked it. Thanks for reading!


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