The Wattys and NaNoWriMo: Fun Things to Do!

Are you entering NaNo and/or The Wattys?

So that time of the year is rolling around again, that all-too-important November. That means it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo, the annual event (well, discounting the Camp NaNoWriMos) where writers try and complete 50,000 words in one month.

Also on Wattpad, The Wattys are up and running again this year! The annual event which is hosted by the website to seek the “best in digital storytelling” — although in the past it’s always been a pretty heavy popularity contest, with books in the millions of reads dominating the top places. This year it seems different, with an emphasis on social media marketing and more leeway for newcomers to find exposure. A lot of people are getting excited over it and gearing up for another thrilling round for the coveted Wattpad prize (not to be confused with The Wattpad Prize).

What I’m offering for NaNoWriMo participants:

Are you joining NaNoWriMo? Would you like promotion and cheers for your work?

To help motivate myself and others who are also going for this writing session, I’m offering you a chance to spotlight your work on this blog. At the start of NaNoWriMo (or shortly before that), I’ll introduce everyone who is participating with some brief information about their NaNo project. You will receive a spotlight for your story on this blog, which may bring you more readers (if you are posting your project online, such as on Wattpad). Even if you’re not posting it online, I’ll also be providing virtual cheer and cake along the way throughout November. For everyone, each week I’ll send you 2-4 questions about your process so far.

There’s no pressure to answer all/any of these questions, which will be something like “What hurdles have you had this week”, “How did you overcome your last writer’s block”, and “What’s the best part/worst part you’ve written so far?” We are all busy writers, after all! But if you do answer those questions, I’ll post them each week and people can read about your process. If you’re happy for it, I’ll also post your working word count (like NaNo) each week, so everyone can see your progress. You might even motivate others to join NaNo next year!

At the end of NaNo, regardless of your end result, I’ll send you an interview, which is, again, optional. I’ll be querying you about what you’ve learned throughout November, how you will improve for next time, and any advice for people who are considering participating..

The entire process is meant to motivate everyone who participates in NaNo as well as those who are on the fence about it, and above all, it’s for fun. No strict rules, obligations, demands or penalties. You can pull out at any time. So if you’re interested, follow this blog, send me an email at to let me know, and I’ll send you all the fun fun details and questions!

What I’m offering for Watty contestants:

Are you hoping to receive the coveted title of “Watty winner 2014”? Have you entered your completed or near-completed work on Wattpad? Would you like some more help promoting your work?

One of the prizes, the People’s Choice, is dependent on how many tweets and Facebook shares an entry has. So, I give you another offer to help you along with your entry.

In return for following this blog, I will offer you a blog post on here to spotlight your work (much like the NaNo spotlight above) where you tell US, the readers, what is so great about your book, what it’s about, and maybe some interesting facts about it. Readers of this blog may Tweet or Facebook share your work if they like it.

In return for a Tweet for my entry “Rise of the Vengeful Dragon”, I will Tweet for you, too. My entry Tweet is here.

In return for a follow on Twitter and a like on my Facebook author page, I will promote your work on BOTH Twitter and Facebook every week until the deadline of November 15th for the People’s Choice.

If you’re a Wattpadder who doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook, I’d like a Wattpad shout-out in return for tweeting for you.

If you do all the above, you’ll get the whole bunch, obviously.

After you have done any of the above, comment below or email me at and let me know your username here (so I can tick you off the list!) and what you would like to request.

I realise this seems a lot like I’m doing it for self-gain — and I admit it partly is — but at the same time, I’m also increasing the audience to whom you can pitch your work. Be sure to check out all the Wattys entries promotions that are coming up and vote for the ones you think deserves the prize.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. And we support the Rule of Thirds!!! Everybody wins. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss! About time I start filling the other third!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Denmark says:

    I think I already retweeted your story, Rise of the Vengeful Dragon, a day or so go:) I just have to follow your blog.:D


    1. Hello, my friend! Thank you so much for that. Are you participating — Wattys and/or NaNo? I’d love to spotlight your work! 🙂


  3. Icy Fern says:

    This is awesome! I’m participating in NaNo, but I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll be posting it on Wattpad. Followed, liked, and tweeted (:


    1. Thanks for commenting! Would you like to join us? If so, email me at the address above and I’ll send you the questions and further details. You don’t have to post your work on Wattpad — that part is up to you. One participant isn’t planning to, and another doesn’t actually have a WP account! It’s all just for fun and making sure we all get to 50k, or as close as possible!


      1. Icy Fern says:

        I’d love to join (: I’ll email you, and when I decide whether or not I’m going to, I’ll let you know (:


      2. I look forward to it! 🙂 The more the merrier!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Katrin,

    Remember me? 🙂 I followed your blog–great blog btw, and liked your FB page and TRIED to retweet the entry–I’m sort of a Twitter idiot but I’ll figure it out in a second. haha.

    I have Skipping Time in the Watty’s so if you could help promote it that would be awesome. This was a great idea btw! I just want to see a real book win. Not a fan fic.

    Nothing against fan fictions–but it doesn’t seem fair because they have a huge built in audience. So I’d love to see a real book take the People’s Choice. 🙂


  5. P.S. To make it easy, the link for promoting Skipping Time is:



    1. Hey, Tamara. Of course I remember you! I’ll gladly spotlight Skipping Time for Wattys on here. I’m hoping an original fiction wins, too, but it could be a difficult one! Can you give me an email? I just have one or two more questions to ask 🙂


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