Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: Hearts Knit Together by Heba Mariyam

Watty2014 Blog Entry Spotlight Banner

Please take the time to consider voting for Hearts Knit Together by Heba_Mariyam for Wattys2014.

When you hear the wretchedness of love affairs gone bitter, just learn that love is breathing. It is all around us, and it will strike you when you least suspect it

Genre: Romance and Short story

Haiden and Daniella who met in the vicinity of a chatroom gradually falls in love. Just like that. Fell. Head over heels. Their off limits amour is so terrified yet it is so strong. Will they be able to carry this relationship beyond the bounds of just cyberspace? Or will the acknowledged caution of discovering anything trustworthy on the internet mock them for the rest of their lives?  Go read the story and figure it out yourself.

If you think this story, free to read on Wattpad, is worth a vote, please share the linked posts on Twitter and on Facebook, with the link and #Watty2014, to give Heba a chance.


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