Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: Pitch Black by Elise Noble

Watty2014 Blog Entry Spotlight Banner

Please take the time to consider voting for Pitch Black by EliseNoble for Wattys2014.

Genre: General fiction/Romance

Ash is a girl on the run.  From who?  Not even she knows.  Ending up in England, in a dead end job in a sleepy country village, she can’t see a way out of her predicament.

Luke lives the perfect life, or at least that’s how it looks. He’s hot, he’s rich, but he’s far from happy.  He’s buckling under the strain of a dysfunctional family and a job that’s lost its lustre.  All he wants is a little excitement in his life, but doesn’t know how to get it.

When they meet, sparks fly, but will they end up helping each other or hurting each other?

Throw in a stroppy teenager, a personal assistant who thinks he rules the world and the small matter of a kidnapping, and there’s only one direction things are going to go…

If you think this story, free to read on Wattpad, is worth a vote, please share the linked posts on Twitter and on Facebook, with the link and #Watty2014, to give Elise a chance.



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