Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: Death Reflection by April Parr

Watty2014 Blog Entry Spotlight Banner

Please take the time to consider voting for Death Reflection by April_Parr for Wattys2014.

From the author: Death Reflection mixes fairies and demons into a dystopic future. If you’re tired of Hunger Games clones when it comes to dystopian novels, I ask that you give my story a shot and please vote if you enjoy it. I look forward to hearing from amazing new readers!

Genre: Fantasy

Edward R. Murrow once said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” In 2330, these words become a fulfilled prophecy. Dahlia Wilde lives in a world ruled by a corrupted government that has taken religion from the people and turned it into a twisted controlling mechanism. Forced to contend with demons, genetic monstrosities, and the discovery that she is as inhuman as the creature directing the government, Dahlia takes on a journey to topple this twisted regime and free the people. But she must first escape the iron grip of a demon vying for her very soul.

If you think this story, free to read on Wattpad, is worth a vote, please share the linked posts on Twitter and on Facebook, with the link and #Watty2014, to give April a chance.



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