NaNoWriMo Rallying: Meet the Books

NaNoWriMo Rallying BannerWelcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! This week’s post will be featuring the NaNo projects of our participants, which involve a range of genres from sci-fi to romance. Interested? Be sure to check them out and give them votes!

The Polymer Beat by Janet Gershen-Siegel (Sci-fi)

From the author: It is the second in a trilogy. It is essentially a science fiction noir.

All of society is divided into three parts: humans, robots, and aliens.

Expected length: 76,000

The Only Superhero by Jennifer Phan (YA/Sci-fi)

The Only Superhero


No one has been born with a power and survived in the past several decades. The meek stories of the Supers have been replaced with the grandiose tales of the Nightstriker Heroes, those who have been recognized as worthy of being granted a power. These “heroes” have been given their powers, not born with them, and these powers can just so easily be taken away—if they can be restrained for long enough.

Othniel has abandoned his past for long enough to gain a power of his own, and it is now time for him to return. However, tragedy strikes as he loses loved ones, but finds a hidden power locked within him. A trait that might have had him killed under normal circumstances turns him into a prize that both the corporate Nightstrikers and the covert Council will sacrifice all to win over.

Expected length: 70k+

Of Frost and Cinder by Imogen Isles (YA/Werewolf/Paranormal)

Of Frost and Cinder


After a freak accident that Shelland Conall can’t remember, a strange boy with a snarky attitude shows up on her front porch, astounding her with a frightening realization that he’s been following her.

To make matters worse, her stalker claims to be the one that saved her from her unknown brush with death, and he comes bearing an unthinkable truth: someone’s been poisoning her.

It’s not just any type of poison, but a suppressant disguised as any everyday pill, and it’s been specifically crafted to stultify something inside her. The question is, what?

Now, Shelland must learn how to decipher what’s real and what’s not. She thinks they’ve both gone crazy. That he’s a rambling loony, and she’s just as insane for listening, but when his ramblings soon turn to fact, Shelland will have to question everything she’s ever known. Who can she trust? Her family, her best friend, or the enigmatic stranger with eyes like ice and a heart to match?

Expected length: 90k-110k

Trouble in Paradise by Elise Nobl(Romance)

TiP Cover 1

After Callie Shawcross’s wedding plans blow up in her face, a friend convinces her that a relaxing break in the sleepy Egyptian town of Fidda Hilal is just what she needs.

Arriving in the former Bedouin fishing village, Callie feels a sense of peace. The sun is shining, the locals seem friendly and the sparkling azure sea is calling out to her.

When meets a sexy stranger, she finds a welcome distraction from the life she left back home. But as her feelings for him get more serious, events in paradise take a darker turn.

After a series of mysterious disapperances, Callie is left hunting for answers. During her frantic search, she finds out it’s not just the town that has secrets.

Expected length: 50k

Tue-Rah: Identity Revealed by J.M. Butler (Fantasy/Romance)

Identity Revealed

Amelia, a mindreader raised among humans, must end Naatos and his brothers’ march of terror. Though they are shapeshifting warlords, the greater problem Amelia faces is that she is a blood child, born under a horrible curse. Aware of the challenges she will face, Amelia did all she could to prepare for her prophesied calling. The curse, however, restricts her ability to be the warrior and leader she believes she must be.

After hiding on Earth until the time of the Tue-Rah’s Restoration, Amelia returns to face Naatos. But all her training may have been to no avail. They are far stronger and more skilled than she realized, and the curse that’s set to destroy her may erode her final hope for success unless she takes advantage of other skills she has taken for granted. Outmatched and outflanked, Amelia must fight to save her world and what little hope of a future she has left.

Expected length: 180k

Ragnarok Unravels by J.M. Butler (Fantasy/Romance)

Ragnarok Unravels

The Ragnarok remains centuries away, and the Age of the Osvars must end at that time. But the osvars have become increasingly cruel and petty. Sopa, long a priestess to the Mongolian osvars, goes to the lands of the dead to save her dead beloved from the rages of Osiris.

Sopa soon draws the attention of the Norse osvars who live in that region. They decide to compete for her to see who can turn her from her quest. Against her wishes, she becomes Loki’s wife. To Sopa’s surprise, Loki wants nothing more from her than the pretense of a marriage. She soon becomes aware of Loki’s deeper underlying plans that not only affect the Norse osvars but the osvars of all the world.

As her marriage becomes increasingly complicated, Sopa soon finds herself in the middle of a vicious war intended to undo the prophecies of the Ragnarok and the osvars themselves. Nightmare creatures of the Clymptoid Realm break free, and devastation breaks out across the mortal realm. The osvars fall and do not return. Prophecies fail, and the few osvars who take their duties seriously can no longer bear the burden. Sopa alone may be able to return things to the way they should be, but only, she realizes, at a devastating cost to her and the world

Expected length: 80k

Dusk Cell Revenance by Tiara Harvey (Sci-fi/Paranormal/Anime)

“The human soul is quite the trivial thing. It can burn brighter than any star…” He took a breath before continuing. “Or it can turn dark and wreak havoc on anything in its way.”


Eterna was just meant to be a passing ground for the departed. But now something’s gone wrong. Monsters are attacking the heavenly world, ones who threaten to destroy it. So what can twin witches, an aged man, and a cynical teenage girl do to stop the destruction?

Expected length: 60k

March City: The Land of the Gifted by Katrin Hollister (Fantasy/Sci-fi)

March City Land of the Gifted

March city is the land of the extraordinary. Populated and ran solely by supernatural teens, it is a place where personal achievements determine one’s place and worth in the high-tech society.

Lazy high-achiever Ari is a sixteen-year-old girl who is placed third most outstanding in the city. Her high scores ensure affluence and security for her and her sister, Mina, a perpetual under-achiever. When the peaceful life in March City is disrupted by mysterious explosions, attributed to terrorist attacks, Mina disappears.

Ari’s comfortable life is thrown into disarray in a quest to get her sister back, and along the way she discovers a darker side to the city, a desperation reflecting the poverty of under-achievers. Mina’s life is on the line – and time is running out.

Expected length: 100k





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  1. Yay! Almost makes me wish I’d written more of a blurb.

    Almost. 😉


    1. Haha. We all write as much or little as we see fit xD

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