Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: Aurora by Sanya

Please take the time to consider voting for Aurora by xxSMxx forWattys2014.

Genre: Fantasy/Romance
This is a epic fantasy tale, with bits of tragedy and sweet romance.
It follows the journey of Isabella and Klaus through a quest to find out the hidden murderer after their lives.
An unbreakable curse, twisted souls and a hell lot of demons wanting to feast upon their flesh – these two find themselves stuck in troubled waters with forgotten secrets. That’s not all. An evil presence lurks in the shadows, far older and crueler then they could have ever imagined.
These star crossed lovers are destined to fight the other – as enemies and as the only soul of Darkness. The long battle awaits. The odds are against them, and all they have is their love to pull them back to sanity.
If you love a good dose of demons and magic, and if you think it deserves your support then vote for this story! And please share the linked posts on Twitter and on Facebook and give me a chance.

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