NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 1 Interview

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Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! The first week of NaNo has kicked off with a bang, and as the end of Week 1 approaches, let’s see how our participants are finding the journey so far. Got any questions you want to ask them about their process or progress? Leave a comment below!

QUESTION: What are your highlights and lowlights of this week?

Janet Gershen-Siegel
Janet Gershen-Siegel

Janet says:

Well, this was my highlight. (Riverdale Avenue Books is publishing Janet’s last NaNoWriMo project, Untrustworthy — congratulations!!)
My highlight specific to this year’s NaNo was working out some names and plot points, really, and starting, because it’s just such fun.
The lowlight was last night; I was tired and  it was chilly and my wrists were hurting. We actually had snow this morning, feh!
Jennifer Phan
Jennifer Phan

Jenny says:

Within the first two days, I already had over 7K words, putting me far ahead of schedule. Also, I’ve received a lot more publicity for my story on Wattpad than I had expected, and I love the direction that my story is taking so far. As of now, everything has gone wonderfully. (:

I guess the worst part was still trying to find that balance between school work and NaNo, which I’m still trying to discover, and also the insecurity of trying to write these scenes. I also got extremely frustrated because the website constantly crashed when I tried to update my word count.

Imogen Isles

Imogen says:

The highlight of this week is that it’s still Monday.
The lowlight of this week is that I’m already 3000 words off schedule. LOL.
Elise Noble
Elise Noble

Elise says:

[Highlights are] I started writing at about 3am on the 1st, and barely stopped for the whole weekend. The words just kept coming. I was at 26k by the end of Sunday. I’ve slowed down a bit now, but I’m hoping to get another chunk written next weekend.

[Lowlights are] Work. Oh, and the lack of sleep. The amount of junk food I ate accidentally while I was thinking about other things. The rain. Did I mention work?

Jessica Fry

Jessica says:

The highlight of this week was finishing Nanowrimo. I hit a great groove. Most of the work went into Tue-Rah Identity Revealed, but I also got a significant chunk done on Ragnarok Unravels. I’ll be shooting for another 50,000 next week as both Tue-Rah and Ragnarok still have a long way to go before they are complete. Here’s hoping they get done. 😀 I suppose I did cheat a little bit though as I took today to work on a non fiction book called “Writing 10,000 Words or More a Day and Thriving.” Still working on the title. It’s about halfway done, and I’ll be posting it on Wattpad.

The lowlight of this week has been putting my cat, Loki, on a diet. He resents it about as much as Garfield, but his punishments for me are far more…despicable than Garfield’s.

Rosebud Sampson
Rosebud Sampson

Rosebud says:

So far my highlights have been starting the story I’ve had bouncing around in my head since September as well as getting the first few chapters underway. I love finally being able to flush out all these ideas and characters.

Hm… so far I haven’t run into any [lowlights] yet, but I’m sure I’m going to have to battle writer’s block. Also… sometimes it gets hard to concentrate in my house when my roommates are being loud and crazy, so that’s definitely a problem. But I’ll figure it out, I usually do. 🙂

Katrin Hollister
Katrin Hollister

Katrin says:

The highlight is definitely the fact I can finally start my novel. I’d dawdled on whether I should relaunch Seeker or just write March City as a new project, but I left March City for NaNo. It’s my first attempt at sci-fi so it’s very exciting.

My lowlight is I’m staying away from my flat for 3 weeks and where I am now has no wifi, which means my initial plans of updating daily with my 1.6k words-per-chapter is now thrown entirely out of the window. Luckily I go back every weekend so I can bulk-update then and just hoard all my chapters.

Got any questions for our participants? Leave a comment below! Stay tuned next week for another round of questions for our writers.

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    1. Yes indeed! Go go! *waves banners*

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  1. Jessica Fry says:

    Thanks so much for doing this, Katrin! It’s amazing. So cool to read about what everyone is up to. Nanowrimo is such a fun time. 😀

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