NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 2 Interview

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Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! Week 2 is probably approaching one of the hardest period of the writing. Writer’s block and other inconveniences tend to pop up halfway, causing many to hit what is known as a “wall”. How did our contestants do? Got any questions you want to ask them about their process or progress? Leave a comment below!


Have you encountered any hurdles so far in your writing? If so, what are they and how did you overcome them? Did you anticipate these hurdles? 

If you haven’t encountered any hurdles so far, do you anticipate any in the future and how do you intend to overcome them?

Janet Gershen-Siegel
Janet Gershen-Siegel

Janet says:

The biggest hurdle so far has been getting distracted by the shiny Internet. Or I will engage in what I know is avoidance behavior, e. g. I’ll research what someone from Enceladus should be called. Or I’ll do a load of laundry. I am doing it this year by handwriting and then transcribing at least at the start, so I end up with fewer and fewer pages to transcribe and then fill in the remainder of any given day with whatever I conjure up from scratch. It’s not horrible, and I am way ahead of where I need to be, but it’s a vicious cycle, that I create fewer and fewer handwritten pages, then it takes me longer to write and reach my goal, I have less time to write handwritten pages, and then the following day I take even longer to writer and reach my goal. Lather, rinse, repeat.

My main future hurdles are going to be time-related. I have my final paper done for class but I’m holding it in case I have any last-minute additions, etc. to it. What I really, really want is to be done with 50K for NaNo on the 20th (the first day that a story can be validated) and also hand in my paper on the same day. Then I can go to Thanksgiving vacation (in New York) more or less free and clear. Whenever last year’s NaNo comes out, that will throw a wrench into everything, so I’m trying to be proactive given that it will eat my free time up to promote the book, I’m sure.

Elise Noble
Elise Noble

Elise says:

Story-wise, I didn’t hit any hurdles with Trouble in Paradise. It turned out to be a bit of a gift book and I finished the first draft in 9 days at 62,500 words. I’m posting it onto Wattpad, so now I have to do the editing…

The hurdle I didn’t anticipate was my iPad malfunctioning. It suddenly developed a life of its own, typing away like it was possessed. I had to brave the Christmas shopping crowd at John Lewis on a Sunday to replace it. If this happens again, I will use a pen and paper instead.

As NaNo is a fantastic environment to write in, I’m still writing. I’ve started Red Alert, which will be the 8th instalment of my Blackwood series. It’s going a lot more slowly than Trouble, probably because I haven’t done much thinking. I intend to overcome this with copious applications of wine and chocolate. That always helps.

Katrin Hollister
Katrin Hollister

Katrin says:

I’ve not hit any hurdles yet. I anticipated for writer’s block and being stumped by new plot-holes so I plotted quite extensively beforehand. I’m also able to leave tiny clues and red herrings as a result because I know what’s to come! Plotting is great. I love it!

I suppose my internet (or lack thereof) remains a constant problem. Hopefully that’ll correct in a few days’ time when I’m home again!



Got any questions for our participants? Leave a comment below! Stay tuned next week for another round of questions for our writers.

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  1. Eek, the possessed tablet! That’s gotta be a future plot bunny.


    1. I can imagine a horror story stemming from that! 🙂


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