NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 3 Interview

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Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! Week 3 has been and gone, and the end is in sight! How did our contestants do? Got any questions you want to ask them about their process or progress? Leave a comment below!


Have you encountered any writer’s block during your project, and if not, have you ever encountered it in the past? What is your experience of it?
How do you counter writer’s block (whether it’s during NaNo or outside of NaNo)?

Janet Gershen-Siegel
Janet Gershen-Siegel

Janet says:

I’ve had pretty minor writer’s block, but that may be a function of how I was doing this year’s NaNo. E. g. this is a story that was already partly done, plus I spent the better part of the last 4 or so months with on and off writer’s block.
The way I handle it is generally to just step away from the keyboard. Staring at it is just another way to prolong the frustration, so I’ll do all of those avoidance behaviors I was talking about last week. If I’m alone, I’ll often talk to myself, e. g. why is ___ here? Or what happens if __ is flipped and I look at it from a different angle? Outlines and plans help to curb writer’s block, but they don’t banish it entirely. Sometimes, I’ll sit with a pen and paper and just list possibilities, no matter how outlandish. For fan fiction, I came up with an enzymatically-driven method of time travel that way. I was just noodling around, trying to think of a nontechnical method and the idea of it being biological just sort of hit me.
Elise Noble
Elise Noble

Elise says:

No writers block for me while writing Trouble in Paradise, thankfully. I had a week or two beforehand to think the story through, which helped.
Red Alert is also going quite well. Although the the characters have developed minds of their own, and have taken what was going to be a simple story and made it more interesting. I always love it when they do that.
I have had writers block in the past, and I’m sure I will again. I just take a step back and do something else, whether it’s reading, editing, or a completely different hobby. The next bit of story will come to me eventually. Writing is just a hobby for me, so I’m under no pressure. I just enjoy it.
Katrin Hollister
Katrin Hollister

Katrin says:

As I said last week, I anticipated writer’s block with thorough planning so I avoided the worst of it! Right now I’m suffering more from lack of motivation than not knowing where to proceed. I don’t often have writer’s block because my mind conveniently jumps ahead of the timeline every so often so I have extra scenes written in, so all I have to do is join where I am now to where I want that scene to be — there’s always a direction to go!

If/when I do encounter writer’s block, I tend to either plough through it or write something else. If there’s no pressing schedule, I’ll write something else (a new story, say) and come back later. Maybe go watch a film or read a new book, get inspired, and then come back. If it’s pressing, like NaNo, I’ll just plough through it and read back (and cringe) later. There’s always room for improvement, anyway, so there’s no point in letting a little block ruin the rest of the writing.


Got any questions for our participants? Leave a comment below! Stay tuned next week for another round of questions for our writers.

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  1. I agree, just plow (plough) through it and deal with it later. I read way too many people who just seem to want every syllable to start off as being perfect, and that’s not realistic (it’s also avoidance behavior). Home stretch!


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