An Update

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog. I don’t even know how many will read it but I do know it’s good practice not to let your corpse of a blog fester too much, so here goes…

I completed NaNo along with the others I interviewed in my previous post (from 2014… wow!) but then that story, ‘March City’ got put on hold when my depression got bad enough for me to lose interest in pretty much everything I do. It’s better now and I’m okay, thank god, with the help of my partner and valuable friends, both on- and offline. Definitely a place I wouldn’t want to visit again if I can help it.

I graduated university at the end of that academic year and became a doctor (woo!) and now I’m just over a year down the road of doctoring, saving lives one cannula at a time. It’s been fantastic, terrifying, exhausting, and such a learning curve. I love it.

And Seeker: Demon Killers is complete! My first attempt at rewriting my first completed story and reading back, it’s god awful, haha. The rewrite is much better, with improved backstory, character building, and is more in-depth with demon lore. I’m quite proud of it. My friend told me it’s quite ‘anatomical’, though.

Seeker: Demon Killers

Seeker: Demon Killers

I’ve entered it into Wattys2016, but my clever mind kindly forgot to advertise it. I’ll just have to cross my fingers I’ve tweeted it enough.

‘March City’ will be restarting pretty soon. With my hectic work schedule it’s difficult to write regularly, so I’m going to complete it to my best ability before starting. With November drawing closer and my fingers itching to do NaNo again, I think my life will be pretty occupied. Not complaining, though. Keeping busy keeps bad thoughts at bay.

Here’s to good thoughts, good health, and much writing juices to come. *cheers*


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