Scary Story Challenge

I joined Nyhterides on Wattpad’s “The Art of Madness” challenge (found Here), to see if my creative juices can get flowing, and I also really like horrors. The prompt is a long-lost older brother returns as the sole survivor of a group of young boys gone missing fifteen years ago — but that brother is still the same age. And something horrifying is coming for them. 

I’m a bit stuck for ideas, though. I’ve been browsing Creepypasta but, maybe I’m a picky customer or I have a high threshold for the scary stuff, nothing I find is creepy or inspiring.  There’s a lot of poor quality writing, but I appreciate the population isn’t comprised of published or seasoned writers.

Horror films of late have also been quite disappointing (or maybe I just expect too much from Hollywood.) 

I think my next step in inspiration-hunting is in horror games. Certainly something the likes of Slenderman or the creatures in Amnesia is scary enough. I just need a spark for the plot, rather than the villain.


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