March City Resumes


So as I’m making serious progress in continuing my NaNoWriMo 2014 project to completion, I’ve started posting March City again on Wattpad. It’s strange delving back into Ari’s world again. Everything is so familiar and I even remember the depression and lack of motivation coming back, which was why I didn’t want to start posting straight away in case I go back on hiatus from lack of inspiration. I remind myself that I’m better now and I got through that dark period in one piece and began to enjoy writing it again.

After leaving it for two years I’ve also had time to mature a bit more as a writer and give the whole story more thought. I don’t want to go along the stream of young main character rebels against government a la Divergent, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner etc. It seems too cliche and impractical. Who listens to teenagers (don’t take this the wrong way. I literally mean adults often don’t take teenagers seriously with regards to worldly topics) and what can a teenager do that adults can’t?

Unless the world is made of teens, I guess.

Darnit, I’m putting myself into that same cliche.


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  1. glynhockey says:

    I understand your sentiments here, totally.


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