The Dark One (The Art of Madness Prompt)

wallhaven-284216Further to my previous blog about Nyhterides’s competiton, I’ve posted a new short about “The Dark One”. Read it here.

I finally got inspiration after reading bits of Creepypasta (my gosh, some are pretty good, but some are just awful — I’ll talk about some of the awful ones later) and watching a play-through of “The Park” and “Boogieman”. I toyed with the idea of Tony and Cameron fleeing together from The Dark One, but that requires staging of an epic battle and a winning or losing outcome. I didn’t have any idea how they could win, seeing as I was stumped by how Tony could have effectively been immortalised for twenty years. Magic? Witchcraft? Really good skincare lotion?

With Tony and his friends taking off, leaving Cameron behind, I took inspiration from that.

Contains spoilers.

Several of the better Creepypasta stories I read set out the basis of the story with an innocent protagonist who seemed to be caught unaware in one of life’s many curveballs. Unlucky, well-meaning, innocent protagonists. Or are they? As the story progresses, there are certain elements that make the reader think ‘something’s not quite right’. The protag knows too much, his behaviour is a little odd, and his words are at odds with his feelings.

I’m a big fan of the unreliable narrator and making my readers uneasy. Psychological warfare. So I went down that vein. What if Tony’s disappearance was all planned by Cameron? He was never the best older brother. What if Tony’s escapade was something Cameron hadn’t banked on and must now rectify? But Tony expected help and so do we, the readers. And the readers won’t be getting what they want.

There’s a deal to uphold, after all.


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