Ruined Childhoods: A Halloween Wattpad Writing Competition


Halloween is looming, and what better way to celebrate than to run a competition? Gather round the fireplace, bring those marshmallows, and think of the happiest memories you have as a child…

Wait, what?

That’s right. I want you to think of your favourite things ever – and ruin it. The much-loved chatter topics of childhood – annihilated. The dreams and hopes – crushed.

I want you to ruin that childhood.

Starting October 9th, once a week, every week on a Sunday, you will be given a prompt related to childhood. You will have time until the next prompt is released to write your heart’s darkest desire. I want you to give it a horrible twist and ruin it forever. The more twisted, the better.

The details:

  • There will be a series of 4 prompts leading up to October
  • Word count: ~2k
  • Individual short stories
  • You don’t have to participate in all four prompts, but the more you do, the higher you potentially score
  • Judges: the queen of darkness, horror, and poetry ~~NYHTERIDES~~, and moi


  • A promotion on my blog, The Frog Blog
  • Shout-out on my profile to all my followers about you and your twisted mind
  • Detailed critique on all four of your entries
  • A copy of Nyhterides’s Goblin Garden – you know, in case your mind isn’t dark enough as it is

Who’s interested?


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