All The Sins (The Art of Madness Prompt)

The second prompt in Nyhterides’s ‘The Art of Madness’ competition revolved the main character finding a strange CD-Rom, the voice of which tells him she represents all his sins he was afraid to commit, and then him waking up in a strange place.

This piece took me about three days of puzzling before I realised what I wanted to write about. There is nothing particularly twisted or scary about finding a CDR or waking up in the middle of nowhere, but there’s always something scary about people. Like my previous entry, I drew on a few of the stories I’ve read in the past year and mashed in something of my own.

I read quite an interesting piece, not on Creepypasta but a real story, as told by a former voyeur. He purchased a motel and installed cameras in all the rooms and would often watch the activities live as well as videotaping it all. All the while, his wife and friends remain ignorant of his hobby. He recalled seeing a murder, which gave him immense guilt, because he could have stopped it but he didn’t. Mostly he was bored and enjoyed casting judgement upon those unfortunate people who stayed in his motel, unaware their privacy was being infringed.

Another theme I used was ‘Vacancy’, the horror film where a couple go to this motel and watch snuff films. After a few videos, they realise all was filmed within their room, and they become the latest victim of the motel owners.

And, finally, I went back to my favourite trope, the unreliable narrator. Certain things within my entry were familiar to the main character, although he had difficulty pinpointing precisely what. At the end, he recognised the perpetrator in the videos on that CD-Rom: himself.

Although I rather liked the turn my story took, I can’t help but feel a little anxious at the same time. The story did glance over some more adult themes. I didn’t go into them in detail, one in case I do end up with negative comments about ‘triggers’, and second because of the majority young demographic of Wattpad. I’d like to think I’d simultaneously insinuated enough for the reader to understand and feel disgust or horror but not too detailed to come across as cheap and glorifying sensitive topics.

Guess we’ll see.


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