The Importance of Having a Good Book Cover (Part 2 of 2)

So unattractive or unprofessional-looking covers don’t help your literary masterpieces get the attention they deserve. What can you do?

On Wattpad there is the multimedia club. There you will find many Wattpadders offering their services for covers, banners, image manipulations, etc. Some of the users are amateurs looking for more practice and renown on WP; others are professionals looking for some pass-time. Some may ‘charge’ a ‘fee’ of commenting on their books, shout-outs, or a follow. Others do it for free. Note, of course, that because Wattpad books are non-profitable, most of the images used are copyrighted and so if anyone wants to publish their books, they will need to get a cover that does not contain any copyright images.

I was lucky during my initial Wattpad life that I made friends with a very talented photoshop artist, Wendythestoryteller (find her here too!) She made the current cover for The Windcaster and I have had numerous compliments for it. I LOVE it.

The Windcaster
The Windcaster
What was so much better about it? Well, for one, it’s polished and professional-looking. The character standing in the middle refers to Tia, the protagonist. The blue cloak is a signature piece of uniform throughout the book. The Windcaster is a colourful high fantasy with travelling, wind magic, magical creatures, and some heavy politics; all of those are inferred in the colour scheme and background.

Her covers are amazing. Very picturesque and the effects dreamy. Her use of pastel colours make me swoon. The images are delicate, mesmerising, and the simplicity gives the overall picture a sleek appearance.

Another amazing photoshop artist I met is ImogenaryDesigns / ImogenaryThings / Imogen Isles / Brittany Shay (has she changed her name again?), also found here. She made the cover for Rise of the Vengeful Dragon, March City: The Land of the Gifted, and Seeker.

*Gushes quietly in the corner* Again, sleek, professional look. Britt seems to favour a fuller, busier layout and I love how full-on they look. The fiery background in RotVG hints at the flames and destruction to come. The steel and green colouring refers to the futuristic theme in March City. And obviously Michonne’s two zombies are part of Tora’s demon world in Seeker — funny both the living and the dead are the same colour scheme, eh?

The bottom line is: people will judge a book by its cover. Don’t do your book injustice with a bad cover. Find someone willing to give you a hand with covers. If you wish to make your own, there are plenty of guides available to maximise appeal. I can’t stress how many books, both on Wattpad and off (mainly the self-published ones!) have poorly-designed covers that make me reel away and skip them without even glancing at the blurb.

What are your experience with book covers?


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  1. emilylk says:

    I love your Windcaster cover, it’s one of my favourites on Wattpad! I’ve always made my own covers… I dont know why. By the time I’m done I’m cursing myself and saying I’ll pay someone to do the next one, but then I always end up giving it another ‘crack’ myself. Sigh.


    1. I feel the same, haha! I’ve made at least two covers for all my books but do end up sucking it up later and asking a friend, then feeling it’s all worth it when they give me these amazing designs. It catches more readers. My reads went up significantly with better covers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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