The Art of Madness outcome

As those who have been following my recent progress may be aware, I’d entered Nyhterides’s The Art of Madness contest.

And I won it.

*cue party poppers and streamers*

I’m one of the three winners, the other two being Rosaimee and Sam_Castle. And having read the entries as the weeks went by, their entries are definitely some great stuff.

Aimee’s been an old Watty friend of mine and reading her entries now compared to back when I first met her, she has come in leaps and bounds. Did I mention English isn’t even her first language? And she also writes poetry and prose in Spanish? And she has a family of three kids to look after? And she still manages these fantastic spooky stories and has managed to improve so much over the past few years. I’m very proud of her and her work and you should check them out!

I’ve never met Sam before, but her work is also very captivating. Her use of two voices in “The Dark One” allowed the readers to know the two characters well, her twist in the “All the Sins” prompt was unexpected and pleasantly surprising, and her “Madness is an Art” evoked the perfect twistedness of age-old traditions. Go check out her stuff!

On Thursday’s blog, it’s time for NaNoWriMo chat!


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