NaNoWriMo: The Rune Mage

The Rune Mage is definitely my NaNo2016 project. Cover is ready (guess who made it??), plot is ready, and I’m pumped!

Now it’s time for the cover reveal! *drum roll*

Seiren graduates at the top of her class at the King’s Academy for Magic with only one aim: to become a state mage and find a way to restore her dead twin sister. Madeleine’s soul clings at a sliver of life via a forbidden rune at Seiren’s hands and Seiren will stop at nothing to rectify the greatest mistake of her life.

Conflict brews between her magic-wielding mother country, Karma, and the demon-commanding neighbour, Hanna. Civil unrest and increasing pressure from the king catapults Seiren into a terrifying game of deception, politics, and betrayal. The battle may be against the demon summoners, but the war is against something far darker and more powerful.

Who else made this amazing cover but the FABULOUS Stefanie Saw/seventhstar

Excuse me whilst I cry in the corner over this. Oh my goddddd.

Go get your commissions for this woman! And let’s NANO.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. emilylk says:

    Looking forward to reading this Kat. Good luck with NaNo.

    PS. Stef is an absolute gun at these covers! I love the fan one she did for Windcaster as well.


    1. Thanks so much! Yes, Stef is absolutely AMAZING. I’m gonna gush over that fan cover in a few posts’ time!


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