Film Review: Suicide Squad


Oh my god. Suicide Squad. I watched and rewatched all the trailers and they were amazing. I loved Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker.

But what a disappointment.

Contains spoilers (duh).

I have to say, the character interactions were quirky and quite funny. I love super abilities and the visuals and am a massive sucker for Marvel films (they’re DC, I know. I prefer Marvel *ooh*). Having bombs implanted in villains’ necks with a side dish of blackmail is usually enough motivation for the guys to do your bidding, so I guess that’s plausible. Very Battle Royale.

What’s not plausible was the fighting bits, superhero activities taken into account. You have Enchantress, who seems to have mindreading/-manipulating powers, teleportation, and magical spell weaving that can crush the world. She is a supernatural ancient goddess. Her brother is Juggernaut mated with Optimus Prime. On the other team, you have a mortal who’s really good at guns, a mortal who throws fricking boomerangs and robs banks, a mortal who waves a baseball bat and is good at mortal hand-to-hand combat, and a mortal with a fancy sword. Killer Croc and El Diablo are definitely more awesome and powerful, but don’t seen on a par with Enchantress even so, so I do NOT see how any of the other characters contributed to the world saving against two powerful magical beings.

And Joker! What a Joke. Leto was so promising in his role, for all the five minutes’ screen time he actually received. Most were backstory of him meeting Harley and trashing Gotham City. He was mad, he was amazing, and he literally had no role in the film aside from breaking out Harley twice then crashing his helicopter or disappearing.

Verdict: flashy and exciting, but lacks substance severely. Even fans of DC will likely be disappointed. 2 stars.


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  1. emilylk says:

    For me, I really found the problem with the film to be the leg work of getting through the back stories. Marvel did so well in building a fanbase through stand alone movies before BAM! The masterpiece that is Avengers. DC are doing it all backwards. We don’t know these characters. We don’t feel for them. It’s difficult to be sad when some die at the end because you can’t really remember why they’re there in the first place because their sob story got lost in all the other sob stories that were piled on at the start.

    Just my 2 cents lol.


    1. Oh aye I definitely agree with that! They’re such a big group and so individual but there is almost zero backstory behind all of them except for Harley and El Diablo, and a slapdash one on June Moon/Enchantress. I didn’t give a fig about any of them except for maybe El Diablo.

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