Completing March City


28 November 2016 marks the upload of the last chapter of March City: The Land of the Gifted, my first attempt at NaNoWriMo back in 2014. This story took almost two years to complete simply because of the long hiatus I took not long after the 50k, so that, along with Seeker: Demon Killers, are quite special accomplishments for me. I pulled through. I completed those works.

Contains a bit of spoilers.

March City was my first attempt at sci-fi, and even then it was more fantasy than sci-fi with all the special ability users and miracle technology. 91k words. It was also my first attempt to write the first of a series, likely a trilogy, and I’m not quite sure how I would end it. I figured it’s a satisfactory ending if the main character got what she wanted — in Ari’s case, getting Mina back — even if a lot more strings are untied along the way. Then the sequel can help tidy up with more enemies and allies.

What I never anticipated was Lira taking on a bigger role. I felt like, with Ari being so talented, she never really had much hardship or had been faced against a scary enemy. Kena just wanted materials; she was no fighter. None of the powered-up users were a match. Lira and Cryo were, and the latter was frankly crazy. I enjoyed that. Lira had the calculating deadliness that I wanted to contrast with Ari’s carefree, impulsive nature.

I hope Lira will have a bigger role to come. A reader of mine asked for a preview of Book 2. Considering there’s the hint of a skeleton of a plot, that may not be immediately available, but I’ll be working on it once The Rune Mage completes.


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