Ruined Childhoods: The Results


The Ruined Childhoods competition drew to a close on Halloween. My co-host Nyhterides and I have been busy scrutinising all the entries and deciding on the winner.

Many thanks to our entrants: Rosaimee, KarlOConnor, AshTheRavenclaw, VictoriaMoschou, Kathiel12, and Silvana_md. I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed all the pieces you created for this competition.

Particular highlights for me were:

Rosaimee: the way your stories started out innocent and then the twist always catches me when I least expect it and make me cry a little on the inside. The poor rabbits.

KarlOConnor: gruesome Noddy stuck the most in my head. I always found that cartoon character very annoying but innocent; and now you’ve made him murderous on top!

AshTheRavenclaw: your way of turning the most ‘normal’ event into a bloodbath without fail every time reminds me to never go to a party you invite me to!

VictoriaMoschou: your enthusiasm for baking shone through in your entries and stood out. There were bits that made me laugh, cry, and shiver. Fantastic mix.

Kathiel12: I loved how you took the ‘ruined’ twist into turning the prompt into something heartbreaking. It was a refreshing difference and I enjoyed it.

Silvana_md: What can I say. I’ll never look at Snow White, the young, innocent girl(!) the same way again. Great way to turn all the traditional characters into something entirely different.

So without further ado, let’s announce the winner. Nyhterides and I read every entry and decided our favourite for each round. The winner was decided as the one who got the most of our votes of the four rounds.

Congratulations, VictoriaMoschou!

You win:

  • Lots of bragging rights and virtual chocolate
  • A copy of Nyhterides’s ‘Goblin Garden’
  • A promotion on THIS, the Frog Blog
  • Detailed critique on your four entries
  • A shout-out on my profile about your works!

Thanks again for everyone to participated. I enjoyed doing it all. Hope to see you guys again in the next run!


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