Team Trickster

Have you guys checked out JessicaBFry ‘s Team Trickster’s entries?


And so all the Team Trickster entries are up! Have you checked them all out and left your thoughts? Be sure to also check out the other teams’ entries!

EmilyLK Coyote tells a story about Crow in The Crow Who Stole Fire

reumaster Anansi regales the audience with The Battle of Kitron Valley

amberkbryant Eris captivates with A Trick of the Light 

Set tells the odd tale of The Red

My entry The God of Light 

Hermes eagerly regales the audience with A Matter of Perception 

Rumplestiltskin tells of The Child 

MercerBear09‘s Torryn the Astounding

Mystery entry’s Fairy Eggs

JessicaBFry‘s Forbidden


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