Fantasy Community’s Contest: A Transforming Lake and a Need


I entered Fantasy_Community‘s writing contest “A Transforming Lake and a Need“: “The Egocentric’s Journey for Happiness“. As with the ParanormalLovers’s contest, I was on a writing streak involving grouchy male characters, and, boy, I’m enjoying making them horrible people with some redeeming features.

It took me a while to think of a good enough lake. The rules call for a lake with changing properties every month, which should be dramatic. Yes, I can have a lake that turns to gold one month and pure lava the next, but why? And what would be the benefit of that?

And how does a grouchy, greedy guy come into play?


I read into the Wicca months, having a bit of interest in that religion since reading the Wicca (Sweep) series by Cate Tiernan. My Moon Lake’s cycles are very loosely based on its thirteen months and has respective properties in its water, e.g. Birch moon (rebirth and regeneration), Rowan moon (hearth and home), Ash moon (magic, dreams, journeys) etc.

The town of McCaig is based on the seaside town of Oban in northwest Scotland, where I spent three days’ holiday there stuffing my face with seafood. Naturally, the characters Oban and Connel are named after nearby towns, and the fictional town of McCaig is named after McCaig’s tower, a Roman-colosseum-lookalike built by McCaig in commemoration of… himself.

So Connel was born.

My story is straightforward, with few twists. Connel is a sceptic, but forced to make the long journey up a mountain at his king’s command so he could ascend further up the social ladder. I spend most of the story showing his lovely sarcastic, scathing side, but in truth, when it came down to it, he did have a soft side after all.


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  1. Maaja Wentz says:

    Hi Katrin. An interesting view into how you create something to order for a contest. Creativity can be so unpredictable. Today I started with the intention of writing something for one anthology (Romance stories by non-romance authors) and ended up writing some Alternative history flash fiction.


    1. That’s so interesting! Romance always catches me out, haha. What’s your inspiration?


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