The World of Seeker: Creature Encyclopaedia


This post contains spoilers for “Seeker: Demon Killers”.

The world of “Seeker: Demon Killers” involved a lot of different creatures, the forms of many Tora and the other Shifters took. We also learned about the true forms of Tora’s friends. In response to readers’ requests, I have compiled a simple encyclopedia of the creatures encountered in the story.

Seeker: Demon Killers



We encounter many Shifters towards the second half of the story, including Tora/Lilitha, Cyrus/Cimerus, Piricca, Abaddeon, and Azyazel. The true form of Shifters is humanoid with long, straw-like blonde hair and dark leathery skin, although most of the time these Shifters had a preferred form.

Their primary gift is gaining the ability to morph into the shapes and gaining the skills of any creatures they devour. As Abaddeon demonstrated with Carlos, they don’t actually have to kill the subject, but it’s often easier if they do.

They all have inherent telekinesis to varying extent, some stronger than others — as Cimerus demonstrated with Tora — and they can heal on shifting shapes. Healing and shifting, however, take their tolls, and different forms have different energy requirements to shift and maintain.

They are fast and an overall good all-rounder.



First seen in Chapter 8 “Spectator Sport” through Cimerus’s inter-dimensional portal, Watermongers are aquatic, humanoid creatures covered in blue-green scales and run on their feet when out of water. They live in opaque, crystalline house structures that are typically nigh impenetrable except with the toughest materials. Their blood is blue. They have waved hair, slit-shaped pupils, webbed ears atop their heads, and needle-like teeth.

They are remarkable in underwater combat. During Chapter 57: Chaos in the Midst, the Shifters took on Watermonger form to protect themselves against the Sentinels’ fire magic and steel weapons. Their water-based bodies were immune to physical damage and when broken into pieces, they were able to reform in the same spot or from anywhere else where there was water. However, they were vulnerable to freezing; many Shifters died on being frozen solid and then splintering.

These creatures were harvested and the species brought to extinction under Azyazel’s lead in Cimerus’s invasion across the different worlds.


8c8d3ba0eec16af6dc700ed574ef0befPossibly one of the most benign (and useless) creatures in the world of Seeker, Furballs are also seen in Chapter 8, their bodies hung from the ceiling through metal hooks and their bodily fluids dripping onto the floor below.

They are essentially round balls of fur that communicates with squeaks and thrills. Their innards are composed of pure liquid.

These creatures were roasted alive by Piricca, in her Dracona form, and their species brought to extinction under her lead in Cimerus’s invasion.


These are but 3 of the 24 types of creatures introduced in Seeker. It’s been over a year since I last touched the notes to the novel; it’s quite nostalgic to dig it back up again. When I have time, I’ll introduce the rest and write a bit about their backstories.


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