Wattpad Spotlight: “Gertrude of Rebelslavia”


Wattpad Spotlight: “Gertrude of Rebelslavia” by LeeAnna_Sam123 as recommended by LilahHimon — a book that deserves more reads!

Gertrude of Rebelslavia is a TeenFic Fantasy that follows the story of the titular character who’s fed up with her life and got shipped by her parents to boarding school. Think Harry Potter mixed with fairy tales with romance and a troubled heritage.

Gertrude hates everybody and everything.
She hates her family, she hates her teachers and she hates all the phonies that go to the hell-hole that is school, with her.
Fed up with her behavior, her parents ship her off to a boarding school for troubled teenagers.
Once there, she is badgered by a pair of superstitious, fanatical twins who are on the hunt for the Book of Thoth which they believe is hidden on school grounds. However, if she agrees to help the crazy twins, they might stumble across more than just the Book of Thoth.
And in the process, Gertrude might learn more about her heritage and identity – a heritage that might pale in comparison to the fairytales of Grimm.

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