Meet My Villain #2 (The Windcaster)


This post is about one of the villains in my fantasy novel The Windcaster, which is free to read on Wattpad. As with all “Meet My Character” blog posts, this contains **SPOILERS**.


King Ea was the only son of King Abzu, the previous king of Dernexes. He features for the first half of the novel until he is killed during the feast at the second summoning of the Windcasters in the Capital when Mawlin formally storms the palace and invades Dernexes.

Below, I’ve adapted a few questions from the “Meet My Villain” blog hop regarding King Ea.

1) What is the character’s motivation?
As long as he remains king, he will receive praise and power no matter how under-achieving he is as an individual. Deep down, he knows he isn’t deserving of the immense powers, but he puts that thought aside. He has a Grace-given right to be king and so he shall use it.

2) What is the character’s relationship with the main character?
Ea has no direct relationship with Tia, but as she grows up during the novel she begins to learn the atrocity of a poor, selfish leader that is King Ea. They met briefly twice — once during the first Windcaster summoning, and once during the second summoning where she barely escaped the massacre. Despite her benevolent nature, she found it hard to sympathise with the man who had put the likes of Enlil and little Aga through hell.

3) What is one thing your character is afraid of? What is their weakness?
Ea is most fearful of being made small, insignificant, and be ridiculed again. It is a dark part of his childhood and he will do anything to prevent that from happening, including putting people to death. His greatest weakness is his insecurity, which gives his advisor, Apsu, free rein. Ea’s anxiety not to lose face in front of all the people depending on him meant he believes in everything Apsu says without question — including bringing all the Windcasters together for a second time in the Capital.

4) What is their greatest strength?
Ea is actually pretty good at appearing confident when deep down he’s still the stuttering anxious little boy from years ago. The faux-confidence stems from his need to quash the whispering insecure voices in his head, but to others, his brutal demands and punishment is something to be feared.

5) Does your villain have any romantic entanglements?

His marriage to Lady Ishtar is a loveless arrangement by the previous King, Abzu, in an attempt to diversify the genetic pool and to ‘dilute’ Ea’s undesirable genes. Although he is smitten with Ishtar, he knew she views him with little regard and has no interest in the running of the country, only the wealth of it. After producing two children for him, she has never visited his bedroom since. Being a shy little boy on the inside, Ea has never voiced any romantic intentions for anyone, although he still holds a soft spot for the nanny who showed him kindness after his mother died.

6) Five facts about King Ea:

– He had a difficult birth when he was stuck in the birth canal for longer than was healthy. The slight brain damage he sustained during the oxygen-deprived period contributed to his inability to concentrate at academics and tendency to get headaches when he concentrates.

– Born “the reluctant king”, Ea wanted nothing to do with the responsibilities and demands that comes with being a monarch. He grew up under scrutiny where every move or comment will be remarked upon by his father or the advisors. That, coupled with his lacklustre academic and physical achievements meant he had a very low ego, and he relished putting others down to make himself feel less useless, as it was the only opportunity in his life when he was in full control.

– When he was five, he fell off a carrier and broke several bones. His mother was worried about him, but he overheard his father remarking if Ea had died, it wouldn’t have been much of a loss. He has never forgotten those words.

– His mother was the only person who doted on him and he had no friends growing up, being the precious, protected monarch of Dernexes. When she died after several months of being poorly, Ea didn’t eat or speak to anyone for days until his father ordered a guard to drag him out by his ear to attend his lessons.

– Because he never had friends growing up, he had severe difficulty bonding with other humans. He was distant with his children and he was certain his wife, Lady Ishtar, was disdainful of him. He preferred the company of animals (pictured above with one of his imported lizard pets.)


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