Critique: Beauty and the Feast


In return for winning “Ruined Childhoods” contest 2016, VictoriaMoschou wins a critique of each of her entries.

Beauty and the Feast


I haven’t actually read any fairytale fanfics, so this is a first for me. Having a background in the initial B+B story was helpful. I wonder if it’s beneficial for readers who aren’t as savvy with fairy tale/Disney classics to have a little background – like Chip being a cup and Cogsworth still being a clock. I assume they’re still in their object forms, seeing as one can fall onto a pile of plates whilst playing.

I’m intrigued in this version of B+B and their relationship. It seems Beast hasn’t improved at all and remains sullen and unpredictable, and Belle’s anxiety reflects that. I’m curious as to what other chances she has given him that he has ruined – maybe if it comes up in their arguments later it can give us more of a background. The supporting cast are quite endearing, just like the way they are in the film.

And enough with the food, haha! I just had breakfast and I’m starving already. Why are you doing this to me?!

The ending was surprising and pleasantly gory. It really showcased him as a beast: wild and unpredictable. The action was over quickly, which I feel is appropriate given Belle is a bookworm and Beast a muscled monster. I love the sad ending. Disneyfying everything with happiness peeves me so seeing a gruesome but actually more appropriate ending than a kidnapped girl falling in love with a beast after a few days of being his captive is much more realistic. Always enjoyed having a well-known story twisted in such a dark method.


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  1. I tend to talk about food in my WIPs because it’s one of my biggest passions! Although I lost a few pounds lately… 😋😂 I guess this is my way of redeeming myself, sort of!

    Thanks again for the tips and for the pointers! 😁


    1. Thank you!❤️❤️


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