Wattpad Spotlight: The Clown Game


Book promotion! “The Clown Game” by DriveInHorrorshow

Okay so clowns creep me the heck out and this book drove that fear in even more. Creepy clowns, a game you can’t win, and your life (or at least body bits) at stake…

Ugh, my mouth went dry just talking about it. But check it out if you want a good spook.

You stand to win big if you dare to play in this poker game. But you might not leave in one piece…

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Medical Bullshit in TV (Part 4)


Featuring: The Vampire Diaries (no spoilers) Series 6 Episode 12

Elena Gilbert is doing CPR on someone who’s having a heart attack. The cardiac monitor is on, doing that annoying ‘beeping per pulse’ thing rapidly — which doesn’t happen in a real hospital, by the way. The monitors do not beep per pulse. That would drive everyone up the wall and add unnecessary noise. It would beep as an alarm if the numbers were out of range of normal.

But the monitor is beeping in time with the patient’s pulse.

Patient has a pulse.

Elena Gilbert is doing CPR.

Wait, there’s more.

The doctor just elbowed Elena out of the way to listen to what happened. He interrupted the CPR. You do not interrupt CPR for anything except to call time of death.

He then rubbed the chest paddles together (what?!) and then slapped it on the patient’s chest and yelled “Clear!” without actually checking it’s clear.Why do doctors shout “Clear”? It’s to ensure nobody is touching the patient or the bed so they don’t get 360 Joules zapped into them and the oxygen supply doesn’t explode — the oxygen gets taken off the patient during the shocks.

Oh, look. Patient is in asystole. And they shock again. You do not shock in asystole (See ALS algorithm here).

After some very shoddy CPR, doctor called time of death. Throughout all this, he was the only medical person on the scene. During cardiac arrest, the arrest team arrives. More than one person. Usually at least one anaesthetist, one senior doctor, a few juniors, and the nurses who are on the ward, and a porter to deliver urgent bloods.

At the end of this sequence, patient is pronounced dead. Next of kin (daughter) runs in and is tearful. Patient recovers — fully. This is after Elena saying she had half an hour to an hour’s down time with shoddy, interrupted CPR, no airway protection, no blood tests done, no fluid resuscitation, after she had a heart attack bad enough to induce cardiac arrest.

CPR restarts the heart, but that is it. It doesn’t solve whatever caused the arrest in the first place — in the patient’s case, the artery is still clogged from the heart attack. But never mind, let’s keep her cognitively intact, alert, no damage, and not needing post-resuscitation care or ITU.

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Indie Spotlight: Agents of the Third Party: Blackmail: The Beginning


Indie author promotion! Agents of the Third Party: BlackMail: The Beginning by Arthur David

Mystery, thriller, crime, action, adventure — all rolled into one exciting read!

The Third Party is a secret organization dedicated to moving humanity towards a future of peace and prosperity. A future where hunger, poverty, and war no longer exist. An organization so dedicated to its ideals that it is made up of spies, saboteurs and assassins for whom the ends justify the means, no matter how atrocious.

BlackMail has spent her entire adult life dedicated to the cause of The Party. She has lived her life knowing that she is working for the greater good of humanity and the world, and it doesn’t matter how they achieve that.

Her dedication has made her one of The Party’s top agents, and The Party has tasked her with training a young woman, Jade, who they believe will become The Party’s next top agent.

When The Party sends them on a mission that goes horribly wrong it will forever change BlackMail, Jade, and The Third Party.

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Fantasy Politics


Politics and fantasy might seem a peculiar combination. After all, one associates politics with real world conflicts, uncertainties, impending war, back-handed dealings, and lots and lots of unsavoury mud-slinging by politicians all around the world. Whatever does it have to do with the world of magic, elves, and spells? (Warning, may contain small spoilers)

If we look at the definition of politics, we see: “the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power”; “activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.” (Source: Google)

Contains minor spoilers.

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Indie Spotlight: Princess of Undersea


Indie author promotion! Princess of Undersea: A Timeless Tale by Leslie Conzatti

Are you a fan of fairytale retellings? Do you love Little Mermaid? Check out this thrilling retelling of love and hardship.

Two kingdoms—one towering over the water, the other deep beneath the waves—balance on the edge of calamity. King Theodore of Overcliff withers in the wake of hardship, while King Davor of Undersea rallies his people for war.

When Princess Ylaine gives up her most precious gift, in order to prove to her father that not all humans are evil, she doesn’t intend to fall in love—not at first. That changes when she meets Prince Nathan, but no sooner do they meet than forces conspire to keep them apart forever. Desperate for help, and finding none from their fathers, the two young royals turn to their mentors. Ylaine has Nayidia, her doting godmother, who has the power to grant her deepest wish. Nathan has Giles, his father’s steward, who not only knows who Nathan is, but also the man and king he may become. But will their help be enough? Can Ylaine and Nathan learn the meaning of true power, true leadership, and true love before it’s too late? Can two worlds, two lives, two hearts, truly become one?

Some stories live forever—Timeless Tales which transcend the age in which they were written. Princess of Undersea is a re-imagining of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Little Mermaid.

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Medical Bullshit in TV (Part 3)


Featuring: The Vampire Diaries (no spoilers)

Season 6 episode 6

Did the doctor just… do chest compressions… on someone who is BREATHING and TALKING to her?!?!
By the way, in real life CPR, please keep your arms straight and shoulders-elbows-hands-dead person’s sternum in alignment when doing compressions. Bent elbows don’t do squat.
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Wattpad Spotlight: Reasons To Live


Book promotion! “Reasons to Live” by Nyhterides

Check out this lovely collection of short stories of hope, love, lost, and bitter-sweetness. They’re short but gripping and keep you turning the page for more.

This collection of short stories tells of life, pain, suffering, and sometimes even happiness. I hope you will enjoy.

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