Meet My Villain #3 (Rise of the Vengeful Dragon)


This post is about one of the villains in my fantasy novel Rise of the Vengeful Dragon, which is free to read on Wattpad. As with all “Meet My Character” blog posts, this contains **SPOILERS**.

Gisella the Bold is a dragon slain by Astraios the Strong at the start of the novel. Its death along with the massacre of the people in Caestro and Aerith’s family were the trigger for Aerith’s subsequent quest for vengeance. A dragon tied by ancient magic against its will to the bloodline of a human family, it saw the Treaty as further insult to the magnificence of dragon legacy and a personal snub, because it was decided by no other dragon than Astraios the Strong, the leader whom it had never beaten despite numerous attempts over millennia. Becoming nothing more than a pet and permanent death being the price to pay if dragons went to war again, Gisella plotted an uprising against Astraios and, when it was discovered and slain, manipulated the last of its bloodline, Aerith, to do its bidding, utilising Aerith’s desire for revenge to its advantage, causing countless deaths. Dragons were never meant to be anything but gods – and Gisella would do anything to maintain that status quo.

1) What is the character’s motivation?
The memories of the ‘glorious old days’ when dragons ruled the world. Humans were nothing; dragons were everything. They were the gods and they did as they pleased. And now they skulk about, pets, weakened, pathetic. Shadows of their former selves.

2) What is the character’s relationship with the main character?
Gisella is the dragon connected by magic to the bloodline of Aerith’s entire family. So long as Aerith’s family is alive, Gisella lives. Once the bloodline dies out, if Gisella is slain, it dies for good. The bloodline is continued through the first-born. Trapped as an Essence after being killed by Astraios, Gisella continued its attempts to undermine Astraios through Aerith, by manipulating her memories and thoughts, and encouraging her thirst for revenge.

3) What is one thing your character is afraid of? What is their weakness?
Gisella fears dragons becoming extinct and a distant, insignificant memory. Its weakness is its disregard for humans’ full potential, viewing them as no more than ants.

4) What is their greatest strength?
Manipulative and perceptive of others. Its manipulation of Aerith led to its resurrection and severe injury to the dragons on the other side.

5) Does your villain have any romantic entanglements?
Dragons don’t need or seek romance, although it has good camaraderie with Pandia the Poisonous and Arke the Great.

6) Five facts about the character:

– Gisella doesn’t really like blasting fire from its mouth as it always left a bad taste behind and tends to make its eyes water. Blood, however, tastes excellent – akin to humans with a big, juicy steak.

– Gisella’s favourite time period was when the dragons had no contact with humans, when they were barely aware of any other life forms but themselves.

–  Gisella fears being forgotten in time, which is why it was so against Astraios signing the treaty: it saw the treaty as the beginning of the end of the dragons’ era.

– Astraios had previously gotten Gisella out of several scraps with the other dragons in the past when Gisella took on more than it could chew, but it was so long ago Gisella would rather it be forgotten; it lingers as a humiliating memory in its head.

– Although priding itself as relentless and without mercy, Pandia’s bloodlust and total disregard for consequences does sometimes disturb Gisella. Pandia, to Gisella, is a bit of a loose cannon and difficult to rely on.

Tell me about your villain below!


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