How would Hitler justify going to heaven?


Paranormal Community‘s challenge this week is writing a short story on a character being at a crossroad to heaven or to hell. Lately as I’ve been editing Rune Mage and plotting for the sequel of March City, I’ve been thinking about villains.

More specifically, how every villain is the hero in their own story.

The prompt of “Who’s going to heaven or to hell” led me to think of another villain who’s definitely destined for hell, who will also definitely visualise themselves as a hero who deserves heaven, namely Adolf Hitler.

How would Hitler justify going to heaven? I ask myself.


It’s been a while since I did history, so I skimmed through History Place for a quick recap and to try and see things from Hitler’s point of view. The simplest view was that he viewed the Germans as a superior race who deserved their space and power, and others were inferior, particularly the Jews. He held passionate speeches with sincerity, spouting lies without batting an eyelash, promising to perpetuate peace with neighbouring countries (whilst amassing his own armed forces to tear them down from outside and within), and discredit and fire at will those who opposed or displeased him, leading to a revolving door game where people who fall out of favour would revolve back round to be his bosom buddies again later on — although he never truly had bosom buddies, as he did not trust his German generals and they the Austrian Fuehrer.

I’m sure the details are much more complex than that, but the above I was able to spin to a short piece of fiction in how Hitler viewed himself as a saviour, promising power, peace, and land, and crushing those who deserve it and those who would put his perfect society into jeopardy.

And thus my entry was born.

Please note I do not condone fascism, racism, Nazism, warfare, genocide, or any of Hitler’s values. This was merely a writing exercise where I put myself in the mind of someone else to learn to write convincing villains’ motivations.


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