Currently Watching: Orange is the New Black (Part 2)


Currently on Season 4, Episode 6. So far, I’m really enjoying the other characters blossoming, especially the black and the Latina girls. They’re each so colourful and bubbly with an interesting — but not necessarily sympathetic (which is fine! They are criminals, after all, and not all of them are victims of the system) — backstories.

All of this makes Chapman’s character and backstory pale significantly. Throughout the first three seasons, we’ve seen her feigning to be the ‘good’ person, repeating it herself (reminding me of the ‘good guys’ [TM] who are anything but, yet insists on repeating that label), and yet she doesn’t hesitate to cheat on her fiance, cheat on Alex, backstab Alex, plant incriminating evidence on Stella, and — most hilarious of all — declare herself ‘gangsta’. Her pasty skin, scrawny demeanour, flat affect, and general wholesome image of being a privileged thin pretty white girl is very reminiscent of equally scrawny, pasty, privileged white teenage boys pretending to be gangstas whilst going to high-end secondary schools.

In other words, about as gangsta as Miley Cyrus.


I also can’t help but see, recurrently, the cycle of poverty in which a lot of the girls find themselves (Daya and her mother, Taystee, Doggett) who try to make do, given the circumstances, and those plain unfortunate like Sophia and Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’, Gonzalez in sharp contrast with the general shittiness of characters that are Chapman, Alex, Larry, and Polly.

Having said that, I struggle to have much sympathy for Daya and her mother regarding the baby. Daya had the baby’s best interest at heart, and yet seemed to deliberately make Bennett’s life difficult with the blackmailing and inconsiderate demands, never respecting his role as the father but quite happy to milk the hell out of the benefits he brought. I appreciate she never had a role model, given her mother’s history given through backstories, but I also saw her as the adult she is — she’s about 23 or 24 here. I don’t think it was right he ran away, but I couldn’t wholly blame him — that family was nothing but bad news and trouble. I just felt sorry for the baby.

Throughout Season 2, all I could see was how Daya has joined the “indecisiveness and f*cking myself over” train behind Piper.

  • Daya gets pregnant by Bennett.
  • Daya: I want rid of this baby.
    Daya: Actually I want to keep it.
  • Her mum: You should sleep with Mendez to explain the pregnancy and to get him kicked out [of prison]
    Daya: I can’t do that!
    Daya: Okay I’ll do it.
  • Daya gets angry at Bennett for being angry with her
    Daya: I slept with him to keep the pregnancy issue safe! Now Mendez isn’t a problem!
  • Later, Daya refuses to name Mendez.
    Bennett: Didn’t you sleep with Mendez just to get him kicked out?
    Daya: I can’t implicate an innocent man!

What the f******ck?? Is this an ADULT prison or juvenile??


Also if I didn’t google outside of the series, I would never have realised ‘shots’ aren’t actually shots, as in injections, but rather warning slips that eventually accumulate to punishment. Why was it such a big deal when little old ladies got given shots (during Fig’s little tantrum) when they never get any before? It’s not like it’ll accumulate to actual punishment, given their record. ESPECIALLY as they’re not actually getting injections as punishment.

The panty business is both gross and fascinating at the same time.

I shall continue watching.

Did Daya’s actions anger you or did you think it was justified?


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