Currently Watching: Supernatural (Part 1)


At the suggestion of a few friends, I started watching Supernatural. The idea of being demon/monster hunters has featured in previous writing, namely Seeker: Demon Killers, and I’m always up for watching fantasy-related things and inspiration.

I’m three episodes into Season 1 and I can give you the formula.

Stars: Older brother who behaves like a dog in heat, hitting on every single mammal with breasts and butts; younger brother who broods extensively about dead girlfriend.

Part 1: Mysterious events, people disappearing, something spooky and supernatural happens

Part 2: Brothers arrive. Older brother hits on pretty, slim, white female (PSWF) with boobs and butt galore. Mystery deepens.

[PSWF in each episode: 1 — younger brother’s girlfriend; 2 — sister of vanished brother; 3 — mum of mute boy. Each of these characters are so throwaway and forgettable I don’t even recall their names despite only watching the episodes in the past 3 hours.]

Part 3: Demonic events worsen. PSWF is a f*cking useless, screaming damsel-in-distress who does not serve any part of the story beyond exposition and eye candy, requiring pervy older brother to rescue her because she can’t find her way inside Darwin’s one-way tunnel.

Part 4: Demonic event is solved. PSWF kisses pervy older brother. Brothers depart to continue hitting on more throwaway female characters saving the day.

After three episodes of this, I can’t take it any more. My Facebook friends tell me it gets better in Season 4. So you’re telling me this misogynistic crap goes on for three seasons? I’m not saying change the main cast. I’m not saying change their personalities. I’m only asking: do the producers really see females as nothing but tits and ass on legs, good for nothing except to boost the sensitive male ego by needing rescuing, and will always fall for the MC who behaves like a dog in heat?

He’s not even that good looking, so god knows what is meant to attract these PSWFs aside from the intention of the producers.

Verdict: misogynistic with no redeeming or intriguing features so far. I’m skipping to Season 4.

Did you enjoy the start of Supernatural? How did you find Dean and Sam?


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  1. I always love those posts of yours! For starters, I hated Supernatural because it stole Sam-Dean from Gilmore Girls (which was basically the exact opposite of that series, with strong, sometimes stubborn and know-it-all, yet independent women).
    So, just like with books, don’t waste your time. Especially if you didn’t like the first few episodes!


    1. I always thought GIlmore Girls was a chickflick and not fantasy? Or are just referring strictly about the characters and their relationship?

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      1. I’m referring strictly to the relationships!


      2. Damn, no demon killing in Gilmore Girls then? I’ll have to pass, LOL.

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