Currently Watching: Orange is the New Black (Part 4)


I’m fully caught up to the end of Season 5 of OTINB now. I find it quite odd they (as in, the outside) didn’t shut off their water and electricity supply. If they did, the riot would have resolved so much quicker and wouldn’t risk the leaked footages that compromised the higher-ups’ reputations.

Every time Piper talks, I’m still like:


I literally cannot give any more of a shit about Piper’s stupid fish or her goals or her perpetual victim complex despite being a manipulative self-centred asshole.

I felt, ultimately, Piscatella had some redemption. He never had the best role models — his mother sending him to gay conversion camp basically broke the trust the child Piscatella had in her. The deleted scene of Piscatella’s maximum security inmate boyfriend’s tattoo washing off showed betrayal of an intimate relationship. I didn’t blame Piscatella much for his view on life, but his brutality was inexcusable and I’d actually hoped Red’s ultimate kindness in releasing him without a price would have changed him for the better.

Rather than a bullet straight to the eye.

Which was frankly ridiculous. Are you telling me an elite SWAT group, armed with THAT kind of arsenal, sent to sort out a PRISON RIOT, have little shits like that shooter who doesn’t know the impact of him firing a gun (that requires TRAINING and a LICENCE) and the circumstances under which he SHOULD shoot — AND HOW to shoot it?? Is incompetence a running gag in this series?


I feel Taystee has stepped up majorly throughout this season. She and Doggett have had the best development in terms of character and growth. Taystee also never had a mother figure, being in foster care and then abandoned by her birth mother just when she thought she could have a future with her. She was manipulated by Vee in Season 2 but overcome it and grieved for Poussey when she was killed, and took on the group mum role, issuing orders and taking the overall lead for the prison riot in organising negotiations with the outside — and then going back to look after Suzanne when Black Cindy (one of the most annoying characters in the group who needs punching) f*cked it up. I applaud Taystee’s maturity and strength.

Taystee’s maturity and growth is a stark contrast to Daya Diaz, which was why I still had so little sympathy for her. The crowd was too noisy so that made her pull the trigger? Just like how she couldn’t see how to protect her baby so that made her have sex with Mendez? Just like how she couldn’t control her urges so that made her have (unprotected!) sex with Bennett in the first place, resulting in a baby she had no means of carrying healthily, never mind bringing up?

She did redeem herself somewhat when she phoned Mendez’s mum to hand over the baby — although again, that was rather presumptuous of her to think Mendez’s mum a) wants a baby that wasn’t related to her by any means and b) is the offspring of a family of liars and manipulators. Having said that, I appreciate it was an incredibly brave thing for Daya to do, to know she would never have contact with her baby again but it was the last right thing she could do before surrendering and likely never being released again. So I do applaud her for that. For once, she didn’t think of herself first and foremost and became a responsible adult.


Linda from MCC was unnecessary baggage. Uninteresting.

Same for the meth heads. Skip!

I’m not sure what to think of Doggett running back to rapist guy’s house. Although I think it’s cute she’s finally found someone who loves her and she’s happy, it didn’t change the fact that the guy had no qualms about raping her before (albeit not realising it was the wrong thing to do until she explained it and he did apologise sincerely and has taken great care not to overstep boundaries again) and there is still a strong chance their relationship could degenerate into an abusive one.

Glad Chang got out. Considering the count of the remaining inmates is consistently ten short and there should be electronic records of the inmates (despite the meth heads’ attempts to sabotage the paper copies — come on, we live in the 21st century. Everything is digitalised), I doubt those that have gone will be gone for long.

Welp, now I’m caught up. Ultimate thoughts:

  1. The MC could have died after Season 1. About as interesting as a wet dishcloth. Conflicts are uninteresting. Motivations are limp. Everything she does is selfish and irritating.
  2. The side characters almost universally have better character development, backstory, motivations, growth, and depth and could easily have carried the rest of the series to where it stands now. They all have their positive and negative traits, areas I hate them for, but also redeeming qualities.
  3. The issues addressed have been done with sensitivity as far as I’m aware.
  4. Medical research in this series is piss-poor and the producers should hang their heads in shame and at least browse through webMD once in a while. “My imagination” is not a credible source.
  5. The producers have managed to create some remarkable antagonists who are downright chilling and scary. Vee from Season 2 and Piscatella (especially during his Jason imitation at the end of Season 5, which was borderline hilarious) and Humps.

I’m not sure I’d watch Season 6. I’d like to see my favourite characters come back: Miss Claudette and Sophia, and see more of Red, but hopefully the research and story fodder would be better.

Ultimate thoughts as we await the next season? Who’s excited for Sophia’s return? And maybe Miss Claudette?


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