How I got my agent

Stefanie Suzaya

I think this post is long due. It’s been a long journey with plenty of ups and down. Many people have helped me along this journey, and I am eternally grateful for their companionship and advice. So, settle down, grab some Mountain Dew, it’s story time.

I first queried in 2011 with a badly written manuscript about a pair of twins separated when young, reconciled, and went on a journey to beat a deadly siren and steal a powerful silver chalice. I was inexperienced, and I didn’t garner the attention I hoped.

Years later, I prepared a different story, which took 16 rewrites to make it presentable. Armed with a query letter which took a month to write and edit, deep and intense research, and tentative hope, I dived back into querying. This round, I had agent interest. I was excited. The first query I sent out got a full…

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