Film Review: Pitch Perfect 3


Much as I loved Anna Kendrick and the soundtracks of the movies so far, the character interactions and dialogue have continued to go downhill since 2. It’s awkward, not funny, and drags on too long. PP3 takes us to Spain, where the now-irrelevant Bellas are struggling with their adult lives and try to return to what they did best: bumbling acapella singers. But the sudden backstories and attempts at romance that do little to advance the plot or develop character. John and Gail’s interaction went from distasteful in 1 to insulting and misogynistic in 2 to just downright disgusting.

“Drowning in semen.”

“As these young women approach 30 and cease to be of value as human beings, perhaps this is the bittersweet memory they’ll take into the bar with them.”

“This is confusing technology for a woman. It’s child’s play for a man.”

Are you kidding me?

Contains spoilers, duh.

Damn. Ruby Rose. She’s so attractive and talented. I didn’t realise she could sing.


With Jesse out of the picture, we get a new romantic interest in the form of Theo, a generically English hot guy, to add more awkward interactions with Beca to make her seem more adorkable. I guess. They have no chemistry. He has no character development and no motivation. He adds nothing to the story.

On the point of weird useless characters, the interaction between Fat Amy and her dad is downright creepy. I couldn’t tell if their talks are between a girl and her father or her sugar daddy.


After 1h40 of a wild bumbling ride, I have to say I’m pretty unimpressed. There is no further character development from the previous films. The plot is ridiculous. The dialogue is flat and unfunny. There are bits that are downright offensive. The romance is so weak with no development. Songs are nice (as usual). I think this film will appeal to fans keen to follow the trilogy through but this was a waste of my time.

Also. What the fuck was up with Lilly suddenly having a drastically different voice and accent?? Was that meant to be relevant/revealing/progressive to the story?

Verdict: 1 star. This series should have ended with the first one.


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  1. The third movie was a disappointment for me also, though I did enjoy the second one.


    1. I liked 2 as well. #1 was the best, IMO

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