Film Review: Black Panther


love this film. Oh my gosh. The hype was absolutely worth it and so greatMust watch. Must watch. I’m not sure if I like this more or Wonder Woman more.

Contains spoilers. Duh.

This film is almost perfect. Aesthetically, it’s breathtaking. There are so many tribes, each unique and with their own purposes. Such an advanced, untainted, ancient civilisation. A powerful, ass-kicking, badass female army. A talented young female genius. A whole cast of super-talented POC. I love it.


Shuri herself can carry the whole film. I’d seen plenty of Shuri memes and posts before watching the film myself, but dang, the actress is awesome, her lines are hilarious, and she is such a spicy character.

Great. Another broken white boy for us to fix.

I can’t.


I’ve spoken about the aesthetics before and I will again. The cinematics are amazing. The special effects are amazing. It’s beautifully designed and rendered, the colours are mesmerising, the technology is super cool. I mean, I’m completely blown away.

And the story? Also intriguing. This has more civil war in it than Captain America: Civil War, with a genuine civil conflict. Tradition clashes with dirty secrets and an age-old reluctance to be bothered with the troubles of the outside world. It’s not new, but damn, is it still gripping.


The film isn’t without its flaws — not that there are many. At the climax, when the Dora Milaje engages in battle with the border control, lots of people go flying. I can’t believe for all the Wakandan technology, the border control resorts to literally smashing scythes over T’Challa’s head, WTF.

I also do wish there was more Xhosa being spoken rather than short sporadic parts. It sounds so cool. I’d be happy for a whole film spoken in Xhosa.

The best part, for me, is the fact that I do like Killmonger, the antagonist. He’s a hurt guy with a genuine motivation rather than being evil for the sake of evil, has his own goals and vices and stays true to his values. Speaks more than all the Marvel antagonists so far, who all seem to cycle through ‘world domination’, ‘revenge’, and ‘destruction just because’. I do wish he and T’Challa had come to an agreement or something rather than he dies to facilitate T’Challa’s victory. It would have been a remarkable heel-face turn. He was such an interesting character, but we won’t be seeing him again.


But yeah, ultimately? Amazing film. Best film of 2018 yet. First ensemble POC cast — amazing. Maybe finally in this day and age, we’d get more Hollywood films like this? When is the Marvel female-lead coming out??

Verdict: 5 stars. Did I really need to say??


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I haven’t been able to watch it yet


    1. I highly recommend it!


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