Currently Watching: Breaking Bad (Part 2)


End of Season 2. A.K.A. The season where everyone makes questionable decisions at best, downright dumb ones at worst.

I’m not too sure where to stand with Jesse. My heart melted when he expresses delight at Walter’s remission diagnosis. Although he probably is one of the dumbest characters on the show, he does genuinely have a good heart and seeing him happier than Walter at the news made me fonder of him.

All that went down the drain when he started using heroin, being a contributor to his girlfriend relapsing, being useless when Walter finally manages to shift the meth, and then being a bystander when his girlfriend blackmails Walter on his behalf because Walter refuses to be an enabler — even though Jesse did absolutely nothing in securing Walter’s deal. If anything, his outburst at Los Pollos cost them the deal in the first place.


My sympathy for him dropped straight back to zero by Episode 12. I would probably have gotten rid of both Jesse and the girlfriend, both of whom have showed no moral compass and there was no guarantee they wouldn’t further extort Walter of his half of the money (as far as Walter is concerned, but I don’t think Jesse would allow that — but then, again, he’s essentially been whipped by that girlfriend, so I don’t know any more.)

By the end of that episode, I have both concern and respect for Walter’s continuing spiral into darkness. I felt bad for Jesse for his bereavement, but I don’t see how it came as a surprise to him. Their actions and that relationship can’t end well.

My heart broke for Jane’s poor dad, though. He loved her so much but he couldn’t help her.


Walter Jr. posting Walter Sr.’s face on the internet in an attempt to crowdfund the money for his surgery — a tellingly awful reality of privatised US healthcare — just makes me think the entire time “Wow, Walter isn’t worried the people in the drug ring will recognise him? His name and his family’s faces are all on display!” And then Gus shows up at Hank’s place of work and I became more concerned. I have a suspicion Gus will become an antagonist at a later episode.

Walter’s lie after lie after lie was in part his desire to keep his family out of illegal and dangerous business and in part out of pride. He wanted complete control over the meth business and felt he could stay ahead of the game by his continuous lies. I don’t blame Skylar for losing trust in Walter after being deceived so many times, although I’m quite fond of Walter and his grumpy stubbornness, so I’m firmly on his side — plus, Skylar’s silent passive aggression is really irritating. I have no love for her as she’s so bland compared to Walter, but I anticipate her bringing him a lot of trouble in the next season.


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