Currently Watching: Breaking Bad (Part 3)


End of Season 3. AKA the season when all the characters drive me up the wall.

Truth be told, if I were Skylar, I would probably do the same as her, using all my means to force the truth out of him and then giving up after repeat deceptions. With these odd behaviours, repeat lies, dodgy money coming from apparently nowhere, I would want to know the truth, and with Walter’s lies, I wouldn’t be so confident I would get any truth from him. But because I know Walter’s story and am firmly rooting for him — Skylar really pisses me off. Her passive-aggression, her lack of desire to listen (even before the lies!), her lack of patience to even listen to Walter’s side of the story (and he’s also in the wrong, too, in this area), coupled with the audacious nerve that she gets to stay in the house they both bought, gets to change the locks without notice, she gets sole custody of their two children, and gets to threaten Walter with a restraining order against his own family from his own house…

If I were Walter, I’d have just spent the money on my treatment, died happy, leave the remainder of the money to my kids, and not a cent to Skylar. Or even sue the shit out of her with his meth money in their custody battle and leave her with nothing. Ugh.

Skylar’s hypocrisy and selfishness continue for the subsequent episodes. She refuses to acknowledge or respect Walter’s right to his own home and to see his own family despite still being married and he owns half the house; she states his presence there is ‘against her will’ yet doesn’t feel her forcibly calling the police to vacate him is against his will (or against Walter Jr.’s will), and has the audacity to judge Walter for making meth (not even using it. Just making it) when she smoked during her pregnancy and after birth in front of the baby.

You know what I’m hearing? All this is me, me, me.

Walter’s begging for Skylar to accept the money pisses me off in every way. Walter does not need Skylar’s permission to take the money. She can continue to not afford the mortgage on the house if she wants. She has a right to that choice — assuming she even gets to keep the house after the divorce. But she doesn’t have a right to deprive Walter Jr. and Holly their gift/inheritance from Walter. Her cheating on Walter just makes her an even greater hypocrite. Although everything she did was legal, compared to what Walter did, morally and ethically she is every bit as bad.

My sympathy for Jesse continues to tank. Despite being utterly useless when Walter secured the first deal with Gus, Walter still paid Jesse his half when Jesse demanded it, and yet when the reverse happened — Jesse used Walter’s formula and made meth for Gus — Jesse demanded Walter’s half back for his work, plus condescending that the 10% Saul Goodman suggested Jesse give Walter was ‘charity’. I would be lying to say I wasn’t gleeful when Walter told Jesse he is now out of business.

After Hank beats up Jesse in Episode 7, my sympathy continues to be at rock bottom.  Jesse is a dumbass PoS. Not only did he not count his lucky stars that Hank DIDN’T nab him and the RV, he also blackmails Walter (with Walt’s THREE MILLION DOLLARS over 3 months thanks to Gus) in the event Jesse gets caught. All I could think of at that point was “Just kill him right now, Walter. He’s a dumbass and a liability.” Does Jesse think blackmailing the rich, well-connected old guy is actually an honest-to-god “Get out of Jail Free” card? Is he really that stupid?! And yet he doesn’t understand the hypocrisy of both “I want nothing to do with [Walter]” and stating Walter is also his “Get Out of Jail Free” card. And he has the audacity to state “Ever since I met you, everything I’ve cared about is gone.” — yeah, blame Walt for your absolute idiocy, you dickbag.

To make my disdain for Jesse grow, in Episode 9 Jesse then goes onto how much more money Gus, a drug cartel boss, makes, relative to them. He seems completely ignorant of the protection working for Gus brings and the cost of the equipment, resources, running said equipment, running said venture, bringing in resources, taking out the products, and distribution. He also seemed to have dropped a zero in his IQ and memories of when he and Walt made far more than they could ship out and couldn’t distribute without Jesse’s friends being nicked or killed.

Not only does Jesse’s intelligence scrape the bottom of the barrel, it seems his short-term memory does, too. Towards the end of the season, Jesse is given the choice to save Walter. To me, it was a no-brainer. Walter, despite all his condescending, control-freak nature, and poor communication, has saved Jesse’s ass on multiple occasions at the cost of things he held dear. Jesse’s decision-making streak has never been poorer, so I have to say it was of great surprise to me that Jesse actually did follow through and kill Gale.

No doubt he’ll go on a self-pitying and -destroying spiral after this, even though people around him have killed and been killed as a part of this drug business and Jesse has lived in basically a cushion so far to be so traumatised over saving his own ass and the asses of those close to him. I have no sympathy for him.

Can I just say, though, Episode 8, arrested patient:

Aide: Defib?
Doctor: No reason. Patient is in asystole.

Oh my god, someone give Vince Gilligan a medal.


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