Currently Watching: Breaking Bad (Part 4)


Season 4, the spiral into darkness and everyone is a variant of Big Bad.

I don’t get Marie. I don’t get her character or her purpose. She’s done nothing to advance the plot, but her presence sure does make the world of BB more interesting and that’s more than enough reason to have her around, but she’s just so odd. Compulsive liar in complete denial and kleptomaniac, she seems to teeter between being bizarre and needing mental health intervention.

Jesse’s spiral continues after killing Gale, which I did predict. Throwing himself away, messing up his house, doing drugs again, and generally destroying any good he’s rebuilt out of his life.

Skylar begins to redeem herself. She’s clearly intelligent and motivated, although I don’t agree with her destroying the livelihood of Walt’s Romanian ex-boss even if he was an asshole just so she can get his carwash. She continues to grow as the remaining voice of reason and sanity as Walt continues his spiral and I do admire her for standing her ground and insistence on protecting her family given how little Walt respects her intelligence and presence. Her generosity-cum-self-preservation in helping Ted was one of the most moral things she has done in this series, although it was a shame Ted was such a scumbag.

But you know what really kills me about this whole series so far?

Not Walter’s love and sacrifice and spiral for his family.

Not Skylar’s attempt to remain sane and moral despite Walt’s ventures.

Not Hank’s dedication to his job and becoming collateral damage on multiple occasions.

And especially not Jesse’s repeat, idiotic self-sabotage (he should definitely still get hit by a bus or something).

But Bogdan. Bogdan might have been a dick to Walter and have ridiculous eyebrows, but that carwash he built from nothing and invested decades of his life and efforts into it. That car wash, the price of which Skylar sabotaged with a bogus law enforcer because he wouldn’t sell. The dollar bill on the wall, which I assume signifies how much Bogdan had at the beginning of that carwash’s life, that Walter wouldn’t even let Bogdan take away. The dismay on Bogdan’s face when he was deceived into thinking he has to shut down and then when Walter took back the framed dollar bill. THAT’s what kills me.

Maybe I have a soft spot for hardworking migrants making something from nothing with their own sweat and blood in such a cutthroat and unforgiving country like the USA, but the sympathy I have for Bogdan right now is at least ten times what I have for the collective of the main cast, alone.

Walter’s arrogance and superiority complex is a running theme in all this. I do feel bad for Walter in how overqualified he is in his jobs prior to his cooking, but at the same time the superiority complex he holds and the blatant arrogance he has (I mean, YES, he’s a genius, YES, he’s overqualified, but it doesn’t excuse the arrogance!) makes me less sympathetic. It’s not Bogdan’s fault Walter works in a carwash to make ends meet. It’s obvious a job that pays the bills, and it’s not like Bogdan was THAT awful and if Walter was that amazing and under-appreciated, he’d get a different job.

Except he couldn’t, because the issue is with the economy and possibly/probably Walter’s own inability to get a better-paying job. i.e. not Bogdan’s fault. At all.

Maybe it’s my British culture getting culture shock from this. I’m just disappointed in how easily both Walter and Skylar shat all over Bogdan without any remorse. Shooting others down so you can climb just makes you a worse person.

For all the dirty stuff the cartel has done, I still do feel bad when I see the pain Hector Salamanca was in when Gus told him he killed his entire family.

But I also felt for Gus when his partner/brother was killed in cold blood in the flashback. I never disliked Gus the way I disliked Tuco. I think it’s because Gus is always very pleasant, cold and calculating, manipulative, but very intelligent, whereas Tuco is just stark raving mad. I’m not sure I *like* Gus, but I do admire his gameplay.

Somehow I have more sympathy for the side characters/antagonists as the series go on, LOL.

And the end of the season? Wow, holy shit. What a blast.


I have pretty good respect for Hector, lol. I’ll miss Gus, though. He was badass.

But the walking out bit? Gory for the sake of gore and stupidly unrealistic. If the blast took off half of his face, there was no way he could even stand. He’d have bled out then and there. Especially as there was no remnant of Hector’s body LEFT, there’s no way Gus could have enough intact body bits to even locomote his way out of the chair.

But daaaaaamn. Badass.

And the subtle but breathtaking moment right at the end of the episode shows us how Walter is now fully on the dark side. Daaaamn.


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