Currently Watching: Breaking Bad (Part 5)


And so, we reached the last part of Breaking Bad. I’m torn between disappointment there won’t be more of Walter’s descent into cray-cray-land, anticipation to see what twists the producers will throw at us, and relief I won’t have to withstand Jesse’s idiocy any longer.

First thought: the producers missed a puntastic moment!

Mike: I don’t tell you how to mix your chemicals and whatnot and you do not tell me how to take care of business. Is that absolutely clear?
Walt: Sure.

He should have said “Crystal”!


As expected, as we progress through the episodes, we see Walter losing himself more and more (even more than during Season 4). He is now full-on chaotic evil with arrogance and egocentricity to match. It’s such a shame to see a brilliant-minded character like him get so carried away by his own motivations and obsession and it’s such a commonly-used ploy I’m not even surprised by it. Dexter and Lelouch both have an on-going perpetuating stimulus they had to continue their sinking into darkness, but Walter and Light Yagami did not —






Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 4

Jesse giving Walter his birthday present.


He’s not the brightest tool in the box but he does have a good heart. Just a shame his IQ is a bit lacking.

Skylar freaking out is once again irritating me. I can imagine sane people being at breaking point — and Walter is anything but sane, so he’s relatively immune — but I really, really hate her emotional manipulation. Pretend Walter’s a wife-beater? Accuse him of domestic violence?

Bitch, you chose to launder for him and chose to stay with him knowing full well the criminal stuff he gets up to. You had the chance to walk away and stay out of it and you did, then returned, and CHOSE TO STAY. Either pipe the fuck down and shut the fuck up or fuck off forever. Nobody will miss you.



Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 6

Well, it’s pretty clear Walter’s addicted to the whole thing — the power play, the close skirmishes, the law-breaking. It’s long past the point of being about the money (for maybe a season or two lol), which is a shame. The flaw in his character takes the fun out of the business because as he becomes more irrational compared to his initial personality, he becomes more predictable and unnecessarily violent. Smh.

A bit like Light Yagami couldn’t stop and just let the trail die cold when L was onto Kira. He just had to one-up L every single time instead of playing it safe. He, too, was addicted to the power play and it wasn’t about making the world peaceful any more.

Whereas Dexter genuinely had an illness so it’s not like he could take a break even when the law-keepers were on his heels.

Well, here’s to the trainwreck that is Walter White’s life for the rest of the season.



Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 7




Season 11

Hank’s sense of justice is admirable and by the midpoint of the season, Walter seems to have some of his morality back, whether that is from Skylar finally speaking some sense to him — and I have to give credit to this woman, sticking by Walter despite her obvious aversion to what he’d done and putting her family before herself almost every time — and I began to have more sympathy for him again. I’m conflicted whether I support Hank or Walter. Hank’s dedication is impressive, but because I still somehow, deep down, want Walter to succeed (despite wanting him to crash and burn multiple times throughout Season 4 and up to this point).

The ‘confession’ video was an amazing play, and I have to applaud Walter for both stooping so low and being so intelligently manipulative of the situation.



Breakinad Season 5 Episode 11

Wait, this makes no sense.

Jesse freaks the fuck out over Saul’s guy lifting the weed off him and comes to the realisation the ricin cigarette was also lifted off him in the same way.

Then accuses Saul of being involved with Walter using ricin to poison Brock.

But the hospital proved it wasn’t ricin though??? It was lily of the valley??

I mean, Jesse is really stupid and emotional and easily manipulated, but wtf??



Season 5 Episode 13

I mean, much as Walter has completely gone to the dark side and karma’s catching up with him, I’m still pretty much on his side.

Certainly not on Jesse’s anyway, he’s a complete emotional wreck, still not bright enough to know when he’s being manipulated.

And I’m still not seeing what the deal is with Brock? The doctors confirmed it was lily of the valley and not ricin JESUS is this a plot hole or am I going crazy???

Also am disappointed Walter didn’t try to blackmail Jesse back. Burn the money and he kills Brock and his mum. I’m very surprised he didn’t do that considering he’s stooped lower.

All the way up to this point I’d expected Walter to do the vacuum service disappearing act. That way, he’d cut all his ties and go. Skylar would be happy with it. They’ve severed ties with Hank and Marie already anyway. Walt junior would accept the need to escape from loansharks coming after Walt and that’s why they need to build a new life — he’s going to college in a year’s time anyway.

I feel like people’s IQs are dropping as the series come to an end and things need a tidy ending, so logic goes a bit out of the window >.>


Oh my god, there is NOTHING MORE IRRITATING than people stopping an urgent situation and demanding answers. Why are people so terrible at prioritising??


There is a LONG DRIVE. You can ASK THEN.

Then everyone freaks the fuck out. Oh my god. Why are people so bloody irritating?!

Also, SKYLAR swings at Walter with a knife and Junior’s calling the police on his dad for pulling out a knife?



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