Book Review: Demon Thief by Darren Shan


Demon Thief follows the story of Kernel Fleck, a character newly introduced in Book 2 of the Demonata series and follows the same ass-kicking blood-and-gore formula with plenty of action, adventure, and thrill as its predecessor. This review does not contain spoilers.

Having read Demon Thief before, the clues popped out at me straight away, but the journey to Kernel discovering the identity of the thief was just as thrilling as before. Shan continues his gruesome, action-packed series by introducing to us a magical boy of humble origins who is thrust into the demon world after his brother is kidnapped. It was quite psychedelic seeing old acquaintances from different timelines converging together because of demon timelines running differently.

My sole criticism is we still have yet to see the limitations and logic of the magic system. A lot of it is “feel or think about it and it will happen” and who bests who is luck of the draw or on command of “God”. If a character has to lose a battle of magic, it will be because the plot calls for it, rather than any logical might defeats might reason. From what I remember of the Demonata, this rather flimsy magic system stays consistent and whilst it doesn’t detract from the very intriguing stories, the magic lore leaves me disappointed.

Verdict: 4 stars, still on-going thrills, plenty of intriguing backstories.



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