Book Review: Bec by Darren Shan


Bec is yet another new character in the Demonata series, a refreshing female significant character in the exceedingly male-dominated world so far, although the female numbers remain disappointingly low in Book 4 despite this. We’re set in Ancient Ireland, a world very different to the pseudo-medieval generically European I’m used to so I’m loving the new terminologies and world unfolding before me.

This review does not contain any spoilers.

Bec is a young orphaned struggling priestess, an underdog whose genuine, sweet nature we soon root for. She embarks on a quest to rescue a group of people in need of help and winds up in the world of demons.

The story is as action-packed as the previous. Magic remains as demanded by the plot and wholly impossible to predict in terms of sequelae and limitations, but seeing Bec bloom (with a valid reason!) and mourn her losses made me very fond of her during this read. The plot twist was rather predictable — I could see the betrayal from a mile away — although the ending was rather unexpected. I suppose it was because so far, the good has always (just about) triumphed so to see that turned on its head made the ending both bittersweet and refreshingly different to the series. And the fact the stories ends in a full circle (and the chapter is named just that!) Daaamn.

Although to think Bec’s clan remains hopeful, awaiting their return…

My heart breaks.

Verdict: 5 stars, my favourite one of the series thus far.

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