Film Review: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


OK I saw the original Jumanji and I saw the trailer for this and I LOVE The Rock and Jack Black so there was no way I was passing this up.


Contains spoilers, duh.

Jumanji is fun, entertaining, and altogether a great film to watch. Obviously, the film isn’t without its flaws, even if they did lampshade it.

For one, can I just say there is literally no reason for everyone to be reasonably covered in a mosquito-infested jungle and for Karen Gillen to bare her midriff and wear shorts other than literally for eye candy? Even if the producers lampshaded it, it’s still unacceptable. She could easily have just worn something practical and commented on that — but no, the producers have to have their cake and eat it, but it’s still misogyny even if you package it differently.


On the other hand, the casting is great. I love The Rock playing the part of a wimpy kid. He’s so frequently typecasted as the ‘guy who just wants to be an average Joe but conveniently has a Navy or professional sportsperson background’ because he’s literally too buff to play anything else. The ‘smouldering intensity’ had me in fits of laughter.

Jack Black does a teenage narcissist well too. Oh god, those flirting lessons to Karen Gillen are amazing. The hilarity of a grown man nailing the part of a high-school girl aside, I love how he just has a blast with that character. I also love how fascinated Bethany is with having a dick.


*Halfway through the film*

…NICK JONAS??? I was not expecting him to make an appearance. I’m still not a fan of him. Haven’t forgiven him for completely butchering Marius in Les Miserables the 25th anniversary concert.


Jonas’s surprise appearance aside, the characters really are quite awesome, both in portrayal and in their own stories. Karen Gillen being a badass. SO awesome. Funny, occasionally shy, logical, hardcore, and uses her weakness to her advantage. Amazing. The Rock and Karen Gillen’s first kiss was adorable awkward.


The cons, though… not that many!

1) I’m sure they also broke a lot of physics with the helicopter.

2) The resuscitation scene. THREE CHEST COMPRESSIONS TO TWO BREATHS OMG WTF and that is some REALLY shitty CPR why does Bethany keep giving him breaths???? Also there is no way Nick Jonas only got bitten by mosquitoes once in this whole game.


I’m kind of sad Alex returned as an adult because of the chemistry between him and Bethany but also glad he got to relive the years he’d lost and his parents didn’t suffer. Again, I’m sure that broke a lot of physics. Just the fact that Alex never disappeared at all must have a whole lot of knock-on effects, not just the house avoiding being dilapidated and his dad being a wholesome human being again.

Verdict: 4 stars. Overall a cute, sweet, funny movie. Would watch again.



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