Film Review: Behind the Walls


tl;dr: a film that tries too hard to be unique and ends up being uninspired and uninteresting.

DNF’d at 30 minutes. Contains spoilers (duh).

I mean, the premise of the film is interesting, based on the summary that was given when I browsed through the recent releases on TV.

Years it has waited, now someone’s moved in. Through the eyes of the evil within we witness a broken family desperately seeking a new beginning, in a new home, but this house lives, watches and wants them to stay-FOREVER.

A haunted house is a safe bet when doing a horror film. I’d half-expected mysterious slamming doors, whispered voices in the dark, and an unnerved main cast. In the end, I only got maybe the last part, but even then it made little difference with me because I didn’t connect with the family. The mum had a traumatic background and lacks support. Her oldest son played the father figure but is just… boring. The twins were typical children. I have no idea what the predator was supposed to be.


There was nothing at stake. I didn’t like the family. There was nothing foreboding that made me fear for them. For the thirty minutes I agonised through the film — I had considered stopping at 20 minutes but, given the film is actually 90 minutes long, I thought I’d maybe try to brave through 1/3 before dumping it. There was nothing scary at all for a whole thirty minutes. I didn’t get a feel for the predator nor its motivation — assuming the weird psychedelic thing travelling through the cracks in the house watching the family through some Silent Hill lens was the predator. I didn’t get a feel for what was at stake if the predator had its way. I didn’t really care even if the predator had its way because the family was about as interesting as soggy dog poop.

I mean, how the hell can a 90 minute horror film have nothing scary and fail to provide a purpose for its existence? Somehow, Behind the Walls managed it.

Verdict: 0 stars. Boring as hell. Do not watch. 


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