Kickass Teenagers and Eviscerating Demons: “Seeker: Demon Killer”

Seeker: Demon Killers
Seeker: Demon Killers


There is literally nothing better than a fist full of demon guts, as far as Tora is concerned.

The gory task of killing demons to keep humans safe falls to Tora, a 16-year-old supernatural gifted with telekinesis. When a mysterious entity causes increasing demon attacks, forgotten memories and a frightening power stir within Tora, and soon she isn’t sure who the real enemy is any more: the demons – or herself.

Meet Tora: telekinetic, hothead, and (self-proclaimed) demon ass-kicker.


Tora thrives on killing demons in the name of protecting humans, who live in blissful ignorance of the blood and guts she and her team go through on a regular basis to keep the demon realm at bay.  She might have just been dumped in this world two years prior with no memories of her own before that point, but she fitted right in with her group of misfits and freaks. One day, her amnesia would come back to give her grief, but she’d happily keep punching until the day came.

Meet Markl: regenerator, level-headed team leader, and peace-keeper.


The founder of the Seekers, Markl strives to maintain the balance between keeping their existence a secret to the human world and using their powers to keep the humans safe from the demon breaches. It was a thankless job, but his team kept him motivated. He had another secret mission, one he wasn’t ready to tell the Seekers yet, and he hoped he never would have to.

Meet Ross: illusionist, super-strengthed lieutenant, and entirely intolerant of bullshit.


As the second-in-command and team skeptic, Ross’s bullshit tolerance was as low as it could get. Fiercely loyal and duty-bound, Ross met Markl during a solo demon-killing gone wrong. Tora’s mysterious pass gave Ross plenty of suspicion from the beginning, but as unusual event followed unusual event, Ross found her intuition might just be correct.

Meet Carlos: vanisher, lazy ass, and (self-proclaimed) absolutely hilarious


Carlos just had to pull his weight, and then he could get back to his favourite TV series and play video games. His other day job, obviously, was being the group clown and keeping the atmosphere light and cheery whenever Ross chewed out Tora or grilled the others. Things were great the way they were, demon guts and all. He wasn’t sure how he would deal if their peace and quiet were jeopardised.

Meet Damien: telepath, team brain, observer


Damien prided himself on his intellect, being able to kick Carlos’s ass at his own video games, and his ability to code a system that tracked demonic activities, without which the Seekers would struggle to keep the humans safe. Feeling blessed to belong after being shunned and hunted for his telepathic abilities, Damien would die for his teammates. Markl gave him an important task to keep the Seekers themselves safe — but when things went awry, Damien’s task might be too much even for someone with his brains.

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