Meet My Puppy!

The pack just got bigger! Meet Jack, my 3-month-old rescue puppy. We adopted him in early December 2018 after seeing him at a local adoption event.

He’s tough to photograph because of his colouring but he tolerates our shenanigans very well.

The first night home, he cried for 3 hours straight because he wasn’t used to being crated and his foster family had let him free roam the house. So, after that, he now sleeps on the floor of our room. He’s only chewed through two wires and destroyed some tissues. He’s already pretty potty-trained but has separation anxiety.

So going to work has been an issue. Going to the toilet is an issue. He thinks it’s apocalyptic once you shut the door and will cry until you come back. It’s less cute when it happens several times a day. He’s getting better. He now knows, most of the time, we aren’t dead when we shut the bathroom door. He’s super clingy and will climb all over you if he can. He eats like a pig, making him easy to train.

He also has a thing about sitting on his siblings, but they don’t seem to mind.

He’s certainly better-behaved than my almost 1-and-a-half-year-old corgi. Sploot is still a rambunctious, trying little shit. Just a full-sized one now. One who keeps pooping out in the corridor ever since Jack came home just to show Jack whose home it really is.

Maybe one day I can get a picture of all four of them together, haha. Maybe. You can find more of their adventures on PetPetMenagerie on Instagram.


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