Currently Writing: Techno Fever


Wattpad is hosting the second season of Open Novella Contest, a beginner’s version of NaNoWriMo where the challenge is to write a 40k word novella in 3 months. Last year, I wrote Empress of Fire, an Asian Fantasy Adventure set in pseudo-Qing dynasty of China. This year, I’ve been itching to write but haven’t been inspired and haven’t had the energy, thanks to a most ridiculous working schedule of 80-100 hour weeks and 34-hour on call periods.

When I saw the prompts, I have to say I wasn’t particularly inspired by any of them, either. I’d been wanting to write a novella as sequel/prequel for either Rune Mage or Seeker, but the more I thought about those, the more they ended up more fitting as novels because of the bulk of the story I wanted, and neither particularly fitted any of the prompts available.


Then I resigned myself to writing a new story. The one that caught my attention was the speculative prompt:

Body modifications of the technological or biological variety are the ‘in’ thing, the more expensive and extreme the mod the better. You want a chainsaw in place of your left forearm? Done! You want wheels with 23″ rims in place of your feet? No sweat! You want rabbit ears, a fox tail, and the ability to fire lasers from your eyes? We got you covered! Because in this kind of society, surely nothing can go wrong…

Indeed, what could go wrong? Many things. Machines malfunction. People hack into it. People abuse it. Terrorist groups could misuse it. Anarchy. Warfare.

And so, I started pantsing Techno Fever, which is terrifying, because I hate pantsing. But I’d put off doing this ONC for so long that I literally wrote the 2k words hours before the deadline and just submitted it. And, welp, I’m invested now. Join Chan Meiha in a futuristic Hong Kong-inspired city where there is no limit to how you can technologically alter your body, as long as you can afford it.


Bod Mods are all the rage. From forearms equipped with blast cannons to telescopes implanted to irises to jet propellers as feet, there is no limit to the modification available that money can buy.

University student Chan Meiha witnesses a gruesome Bod Mod safety mechanic malfunction on campus, but that’s only the beginning. It’s one thing to switch off a glitching machine; it’s quite another when it’s literally neurally wired to your body and refusing to obey.

With the safety measures of Bod Mods now defective, Meiha is tasked to help her stepfather, one of the creators of Bod Mods, fix this glitch. But there are people all too happy to misuse their Bod Mods without repercussion and restriction and Meiha has to sort this before chaos befalls her city.

Follow the story on Wattpad now. Sporadic updates.


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